The food ordering and online restaurant guide app – Zomato has landed itself in a soup again! Zomato loves to do things rather hatke (or some might say create controversy) or atleast drive conversations whenever they are out in the market. From taking digs at celebs or other brands to being too outspoken and sexist, they have done it all.

Starting from the recent one which was called off for being too offensive and sexist for writing BC and MC (that refer to abbreviations of cuss words in Hindi). The abbreviations were clearly stated as ‘mac n’ cheese’ and ‘butter chicken’. The clarification however didn’t stop the trolls and haters; resulting in a massive backlash on social media.

While the art director of Zomato tweeted this, it has definitely not gone down well with the audience. Guess they pushed it a bit too far this time or they didn’t? Again it’s kinda subjective.

Their comeback you may ask? Well, this is how they tried to fix it.

First with this…

And then finally with this.

The advertisement and game of puns has been going on for a while. We do appreciate the quirkiness and the wittiness these ads personify. Let’s revisit the ones that made us laugh or were at the very least, food for thought (pun intended).


Source: Afaqs

Source: MOM

In 2015, they went all out bold by advertising on porn sites like Pornhub and Xvideos. Using sexual puns with food visuals, they did manage to stand out among the others in the market!

Harping on the Bollywood angle and yet pushing the message out correctly.

When they tried to surpass the ‘Thalaivaa’

This one went all cutesy talking about relationships in an almost! But then everything can be sorted over a hearty meal with Zomato!

When you realize that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Try not skipping it 😉 😛

Never losing an opportunity on when it comes to trending topics… like giving it back to Tanmay Bhat! 😛

We feel you!


When you are an ardent fan of Game of Thrones and you know that, “All men must die.” Of course why not, but maybe after having some delicious dinner.

When you know this is what they will ask for…

When  you knew that food will always, always be an important part of your life.

When you can’t decide whether Acche Din are actually here?

When days of the week seemed more yummy than ever… especially mmmm…day

Not leaving any chance at all, they took digs on Yahoo too!

They kicked off for the world cup too! 😛 Whose side would you pick?

When they knew you hated this! There, somebody just said it out loud.

When we all mourned over Maggi and thought…

Some of the people may argue that most of these ads are crossing the line, we feel these are really cool. It definitely takes a lot of effort to come up with such quirky and interesting creatives. If not anything we did give it a thought and smiled while we cracked the meaning behind it. Plus there is no harm in appreciating the creativity here.

Well Zomato did get bajaoed for most of these by taking things too far at times, but then even bad publicity is ultimately publicity 😉 Lets go order food now!

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