Potter fans care deeply about the world created by author JK Rowling, so it’s perhaps not surprising that a group of devoted Italian fans crowdfunded €15,000 to make a 52 minute-long film on Voldemort’s origin story fans have been eagerly awaiting Voldemort: Origins Of The Heir ever since it was first announced. Unfortunately, it falls far short of the hype there was prior to the release of the fan film. However, just because it’s bad doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable.

The incredibly low budget barely shows, and the effects on display put many big-budget Hollywood blockbusters to shame. Likewise, the directing is of an astonishingly high standard andthere are some great ideas which deserve credit.

Where it all falls into the realm of awkward and unintentional hilarity is the story, the casting, the acting, the poor dubbing, the shoddy editing.

Also, the story is pretty ridiculous.

During the Cold War in Soviet Russia, a witch battles against government Aurors as she makes her way through a secret facility. Her goal is to retrieve the diary of Tom Marvolo Riddle – the man destined to become evil sorcerer Lord Voldemort.

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Beginning with their friendship back at Hogwarts as children, they – along with two others – were the heirs of the four great wizarding Houses: Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, never mind that Ravenclaw had no existing descendants after the Grey Lady who died years before the events of the Harry Potter films (what’s the deal with his edge-dripping makeup?).

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And the wooden acting and inappropriately toned responses/abruptness of it all (especially in the dubbed version) makes it so funny.

While the opening sequence in Voldemort: Origins Of The Heir is creative and well executed, showing Russian Aurors, the second the story hits interrogation mode this stops becoming a Harry Potter tale and instead borrows from another source: Bryan Singer’s The Usual Suspects.

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The film really wants to be The Usual Suspects set in the Harry Potter Universe, a concept which I can really get behind. The narrative consists of a series of flashback scenes like the usual suspects along with one other big scene that I won’t spoil for people who haven’t seen either movie. The acting is just hilariously bad, and there’s no chemistry between the actors or the characters they’re playing and the awkwardness is great to watch if you like to cringe.

There’s an amazing duelling sequence, but the interactions between the combatants are just so silly.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan then you may be lured in by this and it’s possible that you may enjoy it… Just not for the same reasons you like the big studio franchise films

Its free to watch on Youtube, go check it out!

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