Mumbai rains owned day not just in the maximum city also on social media, news and a downpour or messages on what’s app today! Monsoon rains are the only force that can bring Mumbaikars to a stand still. Today they left many stranded without a shelter. While some stayed back in the office, others ventured out despite the danger. But this time the city responded differently. This time, the people of Bombay have gone beyond cribbing and complaining about the situation. This time they have reached out to fellow Mumbaikars. Here’s how they held the Mumbai spirit high though the city was down and underwater:

Crowdsourcing help:

Croud Sourcing Help

Croud Sourcing Help

Once the flooding was all over the news, people instantly reached out to fellow Mumbaikars through social media. They offered space to stay and food to eat for those who are stranded. Even religious institutions and Ganesh pandals have offered help by providing people with overnight shelter and food.


Some good souls who had their own vehicles offered lifts to the people so that they could reach home safely!

Twitterati to the rescue!

A lot of official institutions and NGOs have provided live updates on weather and traffic conditions. They have shared emergency numbers and the numbers of people who have offered shelter!

Mumbai Police:

The Mumbai Police has been on ground helping people navigate their way out of this situation along with a lot of other volunteers. They’ve been actively supporting via Twitter too.

Ganesh Visarjan:

As today is the fifth day of Ganesh Visarjan, people have gone forward with the Visarjan despite the rains. There are life guards deployed at all the Visarjan spots and a lot of volunteers are helping along the way so that the Ganesh idols can be immersed safely.

Downpour of rains and jokes:

AMumbai rains might have drenched the city but they haven’t dampened the city’s funny side. Along with the heavy rains, what’s app messages too were flooded with SECAM and humour to sail through this adversity. Only a true Mumbaikar can we through knee deep water and joke about it too!

If you’re a Mumbaikar, we’d love to hear how you helped keep up the Mumbai spirit. Share with us in comments.