Still remember those good old days when Yahoo Messenger was a thing I would eagerly wait to log in to right after coming back from school. Was? Yes, you heard it right it. Yahoo announced today that they are permanently shutting down the most iconic messaging app of the 2000s.

I belong to the 90s and when I hear Yahoo messenger it instantly brings back a lot of memories from school days when I would end up in the neighborhood cyber-cafe to chat with some random people. Frankly to chat up a few girls!

Yahoo messenger login

In this modern age of the internet and social media and with messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger it doesn’t really surprise us that it’s finally the end of Yahoo Messenger. According to reports, users will have six months to download their chat history, and those who try to use Yahoo Messenger today will be redirected to the new group messaging app Squirrel.

Here are a few things people used Yahoo Messenger for and will now miss them:

The online Love:


Even before many of us knew what online dating and hookup mean, the kids of the 80’s and 90’s cooked up their online love stories, all thanks to Yahoo Messenger.

Buzz me!

Buzz me

Before ‘ping’ was even born the kids of 90s were buzzing with the buzzes on Yahoo Messenger. Remember those buzzed screens?

ASL Please!


Before even BTW, UKW, R8, Gr8 and so on Yahoo Messenger taught us cool SMS lingo such as ASL (Age, Sex, Location).

Video Chat!

Video chats

No one from the 90s would believe that you never used video chat if you were the Yahoo Messenger user. Eagerly waiting to see who’s on the other side was what Yahoo Messenger’s video chat was all about.



It was surely Yahoo Messenger which made us familiar with all those funky emojis and stickers. Boy, the games played and that IMvironment was such a fun.

Screen names:

Screen names

The funky screen names were really a thing back there when people used Yahoo Messenger. sexy_babe_M4ana or dude_hot_fu*ck were some of the popular screen names.

Chat Rooms (Sex Chats):


Who doesn’t know about Yahoo’s hot chat rooms? One thing that made Yahoo Messenger different and addictive was the Chat Room or the Sex Room as most users called it.

chat room

Join the chat room to talk dirty and you are on! Join your preferred chat room and start the dirty talk with random people.

The announcement is upsetting though most of us stopped using Yahoo Messenger a long time back. The 20-year-old long journey of the App finally comes to an end. Yahoo Messenger was by far one of the best messaging Apps.

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