A lot of conspiracies were/are revolving around rapper XXXTentacion’s death. Some say it’s a case of robbery and most likely to be so, some say it has something to do with the Illuminati.

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Apparently the 20-year-old artist was shot dead by a group of three men at Deerfield Beach, Florida. As per the recent reports, one of the men involved in the act, Robert Allen, has been arrested at his sister’s house in southeast Georgia.

The hunt for the man was on ever since the rapper was shot. But it was on Wednesday the cops could lay their hands upon the suspect.

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Robert Allen- One of the suspects

Robert Allen was calm and cooperative when we went to apprehend him, said the officers who stormed the accused man’s sister’s house in rural Georgia.

Investigations have now shifted gears and all the three suspects – Dedrick Williams, Robert Allen, and Michael Boatwright have been charged with first degree murder.

Jahseh Onfroy aka XXXtentacion was followed by the three men in a SUV before pulling the vehicle ahead of the rapper’s BMW. A brief struggle took place between the parties which eventually led to the tragic death of the 20-year-old. Onfroy was shot in the neck.

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The three suspects- Michael Boatwright (L), Dedrick Williams (C) and Robert Allen (R)

Witnesses indicated the police that Williams and Boatwright took a Louis Vuitton bag from Onfroy’s vehicle before fleeing the scene.

Now that the suspects are in police custody, we can hope for the entire case to reveal itself or to take a new turn.

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