Bringing Mysterio to the big screen is a true testament to the confidence of the MCU at this point. They could have played it safe with a well-known character, but instead, they embraced the craziness of the comics with a more obscure choice.

Mysterio is so unlike any other Spider-Man villain we’ve seen on the big screen. As fun as some of the past villains have been, it’s exciting to have something totally new. Just imagining how they are going to handle the many outlandish aspects of this character is enough to make him one of the most anticipated movie characters of 2019.

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The Setting

One of the most exciting things about Spider-Man: Far From Home is that it moves Peter Parker from his usually New York City setting to Europe. The change in location might not seem like much, but given just that brief glimpse of Mysterio in Venice shows how much fun some new scenery can be in movies like this. There is so much potential for the havoc Mysterio can cause across European destinations.

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The Look

It’s safe to assume one of the main reasons we have yet to see Mysterio on the big screen is because he looks absolutely ridiculous. With his colorful costume, over-the-top cape and fishbowl helmet, he always seemed like one of those characters that only worked on the pages of a comic book.

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Image result for spider man far from home mysterio

Judging by the first footage, the filmmakers were not afraid at all to embrace that classic look. He looks surprisingly accurate to the comic book design and it is awesome!

The Powers

There is also the matter of Mysterio’s powers. In comic book films, we tend to see the heroes face-off with bad guys who have similar powers to their own. Even in the Spider-Man movies, he’s usually battling some evil genius in a tech-based battle suit. Mysterio is bringing something fresh to the table and abilities with endless possibilities.

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fans noticed the absence of Tony Stark in the trailer. While it doesn’t confirm anything, it is possible that Peter loses his mentor in Avengers: Endgame. With Peter seemingly teaming up with Mysterio, could they be setting up a similar relationship in this film?

The Connection To Peter Parker

With the two fighting side-by-side, Peter could begin to look up to Mysterio, similar to how he idolized Stark. This would be a fitting way to cement a strong connection between the two and would be heartbreaking when Mysterio probably (definitely) turns on him. It could bring some real emotional stakes to their showdown.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Even those who don’t know or are not interested in the character of Mysterio are likely still intrigued by the amazing casting of Jake Gyllenhaal in the role. We’ve seen some amazing actors play Spidey villains, like Willem Dafoe and Michael Keaton, but Gyllenhaal is an unexpected and inspired choice.

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