The popular texting app WhatsApp rose to fame for just one reason. It’s simplicity! The app is not at all complex, it is user-friendly and its no-ads feature. You can literally see advertisement banners annoying you in pretty much every app but not WhatsApp.

WhatsApp rose to its prominent fame via just one factor— The word of mouth. The Facebook acquired app required no advertisement or promotion of any sorts to make people aware of its existence. Now that’s some real popularity.

Now, would you believe if you hear that WhatsApp has come up with TV ads? Yes, that’s true. WhatsApp has released three TVCs for its Indian customers and it is not at all for promotional purpose but for the purpose of awareness.

We all know how WhatsApp groups work in our country. We all are or have been a part of the annoying family/friends’ group where we get spammed with messages, rumours, or texts which start with ATTENTION! or WARNING! It’s a sad fact that people simply forward the texts without even verifying the fact or even bothering to do so.

In order to curb such spread of baseless rumours which would lead to a state of unrest, panic or disruption, WhatsApp has launched TVCs to make the Indian customers wary of such instances and teach them how to react when they face it.

“The three films will be available on TV, Facebook, and YouTube in nine languages and reach the diverse population that makes up WhatsApp users. The campaign is timed to start just prior to the elections in Rajasthan and Telangana and WhatsApp will build on this effort headed into the national election next year,” said WhatsApp in an official statement.

These languages include English, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Assamese, Gujarati, Marathi and Malayalam.

Do watch the advertisements and learn from it. And also, remember their mantra, “Share Joy, Not Rumours.”

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