Now that GOT season 7 is over, I assume we are all in the same boat! No more Monday morning streaming, reading episode synopsis, spoiler alerts, etc. Considering there is enough time for season 8 to air, I thought why not do some analysis on one of the most hated, cunning, shrewd character of GOT. Read on and do share your thoughts in the comments section.

Everything that happens on Game of Thrones has some history behind it. It always happens for a reason and it is all very well connected.

It’s not very uncommon to have negative sentiments or hate for Cersie Lannister, the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

One would realize that Cersie is one of the most important characters in GOT. Her ambition and goals have been clear since season 1. She is a narcissist and loves her children and brother (Jaime) more than anything.

If we look at her history, we might find some answers to her greed for power and her recent mad queen behaviour. Let’s go back in the story to understand her origins.

  • Cersie was greatly influenced by her father. Her mother died when she was just 4. Her father dominated and took all her life decisions. Tywin Lannister believed that he had a better game plan and knew how to keep control of Westeros. Lannisters were the richest family and it would be an honour for any house to be associated with them.

  • Cersie was supposedly infatuated with Rhaeger Targerayan to whom she was promised to marry. Though she was always in love with Jamie, she knew it would not be possible to make their relationship public. However, the engagement was called off after a year by Aegon Targerayan . She was later married off to Robert Baratheon who became King after defeating the Mad King.

  • She was never truly accepted or loved by Robert. He cheated on her, humiliated her (he always loved Lyanna Stark though she was dead). This provoked her to continue her affair with Jamie and gave birth to 3 children- Joffrey, Marcella and Tommen

  • Another helpless mental assault was when Tywin Lannister appointed Tyrion as the hand of the King to Joffrey. The idea was to control Cersie and Joffrey, and eventually strip her off from all political authority.

  • Tyrion sends off her daughter Marcella to Dorne much against her wishes. She is later poisoned and killed by the Martells on her way back to King’s Landing with Jaime.

  • Tywin then intended to marry her to (Gay) Prince Loras Tyrell to strengthen the alliance between the 2 houses.

  • Joffrey gets killed on his wedding day and that affected Cersie deeply as Joffrey was her favourite child then leading to various events and increase in her hatred for Tyrion.

  • Tommen is then married off to Margery Tyrell, and she tries to carry off her queenly duties in a way that cause much jealousy in Cersie. To get back at this, Cersie, conspires to hand Margery against the Faith but it backfires. In the whole process, she is accused and found guilty of adultery and is stripped naked and forced to do the walk of shame

  • She later plans to kill the Tyrells and the faith in the Sept of Balor leading to the suicide of her only remaining son Tommen.

  • Amidst all the controversies and series of events that have taken place, we can observe that Cersie has always been a pawn at her father’s disposal. It is somewhere very disheartening to see her not get the love she always wanted whether it was from Rhaeger or Robert. It somewhere leaded her to incest and develop relations with Jamie and Lancel.

  • She lost all her 3 children and she was helpless in all the 3 situations. This made her rigid and increased her animosity towards the other houses as well as Tyrion. Looking at the events from a perspective of a girl who didn’t receive love she wanted, or as a mother who loved her children dearly and did everything she could to keep them happy. As a Queen who is now endangered from all sides, she is now fighting to keep her Throne and position of -power which she wanted and dreamed of as a child.

  • Also, the knowledge of Prophecy made by Maggy in the forest played a major role in the actions and behaviour of Cersie. The prophecy consisted of her 3 kids dying at a young age, getting married to a king and being over thrown by a younger and more beautiful queen. Somewhere it made her insecure as well as a killer in the rightful sense. She always tried to subvert the prophecy and to make sure she had control over her destiny. This also made her paranoid and led to all the atrocities she did.

Failure, rejection and lack of acceptance made her the Cersie Lannister that she is.

You may hate her, detest her, but the fact remains that she is the most cunning and powerful character on the Game of Thrones!

All hail Queen Cersie, the ruler of seven kingdoms…

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