I’m sure you’ve seen this sort of thing:

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Even if you didn’t know what to call it. The actual term for it is “knolling.” I know you’re wracking your brain trying to think what you’ve seen could possibly fit that term, so I’ll explain.

Knolling, also called “flat lay,” is photographing carefully organized objects against a solid background for maximum eyeball pleasure for the OCD in you.


There’s even an Instagram account called Flatlays that’s devoted to flat lay images.


With that in mind, here’s a fun thing you can do with your old smartphones aside from recycling them, selling them, or giving them away to your younger siblings. Most of us have a handful of old devices tucked away in a drawer somewhere, forgotten. Reddit user felt really bad for these forgotten lonely devices and has taken upon himself to create art of the already obsolete technology.

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Proudly displayed on the walls in their house are a trove of disassembled and knolled out Android devices from years gone by that can easily pass as modern art. It’s also a creative and artistic way of giving us a look at the hardware inside out smartphones. It also just looks very cool!

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Its modern art in the age of smartphones!

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It’s also a great geeky hobby for you to spend your Sunday afternoon on.

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