A century-old question – How to lose weight? Well, people have taken forever to find an exact solution to this problem, but seldom have actually found one. With a variety of solutions available to take care of the unloved “love handles”, let us try and see what can be actually done in order to get fit.

*Note: There’s more to these tips than just their titles*

1) Proper Diet:

Well, of course, you had it coming. As we have heard, a moment on the lips, forever on the hips. So basically, the key to losing weight is learning to shake your head. Confused? I’ll explain. Just learn to shake your head when someone offers you food. You don’t need a dietitian or a fully charted meal plan to try and control your weight. All you have to do is avoid junk food. That’s all! And also include a lot of protein and fiber in your food.

2) Exercise:

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! The most hated word for anybody who is struggling to drop some pounds. But you know what? Hitting gym isn’t the only solution to achieve your goals. What people do is, follow the trend, join a gymnasium by paying heavy fees, set a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s picture as their wallpaper, buy t-shirts/vests with cheesy gym quotes like, “If the bar ain’t bending then you just pretending” or “Gym-a-holic” SMH!  😐

But in reality you don’t need those, you know? Well, let me tell you what “Exercising” actually mean. One word- CARDIO. Yes, I know that’s equally scary but believe me, it’s not needed for you to work that treadmill for straight hours or keep pedaling that cycle while scrolling through Instagram.

Jogging, Running or Walking is the best way to lose your fat. Having said that, let me clarify that you don’t have to run miles or cross state borders but a couple kms should do the job. Do remember one thing that patience is really a big element here. If you are aiming to run 10 kilometers or even 4 in the first week itself then it’s impossible. Plus, trying to do so would give you a negative association regarding the same.

So the best way to achieve it is- Start slow, achieve step by step progress. Start off with low targets like aiming to finish 1 Kilometer. You can gradually increase the distance or try reducing the time taken to cover the same distance. By doing so, you would achieve endurance and also lifted spirits to keep going without boredom.

3) Avoid looking at yourself in the mirror daily:

See, change isn’t imminent. What you see in movies is different. In movies, the hero/heroine starts working out and then they fast forward us to their ripped body. Only if life was that easy. But evidently, It’s not. So realise the fact that weight loss happens over the course of time and don’t expect early results. So do not keep staring at your belly in the mirror to try and figure out a difference.

The belly is the first place to gain fats and the last place to lose it. So give it some time and you’ll observe the difference all by yourself.

So Get Set and Drop Pounds!

A writer by profession and footballer by heart and at times vice versa. Sharan’s world revolves around Football, Writing and CR7. He loves Real Madrid even after Cristiano’s departure (that’s appreciable). The lad can go on and on about himself but we pay him to work on articles and not bio.