Wikipedia has a whole section dedicated to funny and weirdly fascinating articles. Just because they like to have fun.

If you have time on your hands, and a quirky/dark sense of humour, casual Wikipedia browsing can quickly turn into hours spent going further down the site’s weird, bizarre, and fascinating rabbit hole. It’s virtually impossible to uncover all of the site’s many dark and messed up pages, but for your entertainment, we will try.

Toilet Paper Orientation

If you’ve ever wanted to read a whole page of 5000+ words on what direction the toilet paper should be facing in the bathroom, this page will make your day. It covers sociological, psychological, and even popular cultural reasons for the direction the toilet paper should face. The crazy thing about it is, once you start reading you can’t stop.

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Colletto Fava or The Giant Bunny

What do you call a 200 foot long and 20 foot high stuffed bunny? The Austrian art group Gelitin calls it Hase, the German word for hare. We’re not entirely sure what the point of it is, but they invite hikers to take the 20–30 minute walk up the 5,000 foot high hill to climb on it and relax.

List of Animals With Fraudulent Diplomas

Whether it’s a joke or to call out diploma sellers for their fake academic standards, there is a whole slew of animals walking around with MBAs while pissing on your carpet. Wikipedia has them listed out for you. In one case, a cat named George became a member of the British Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Congrats, George!

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List of Lists

Some online publications love to put up articles that are nothing but lists of things. They’re called listicles. Which is a pretty funny word. Wikipedia has taken this one step further with an article that is a list of lists.

Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing: A sport that combines the dangers and the thrill of an adventure sport with the satisfaction of a well-ironed shirt. Players take clothes to dangerous locations and iron them. Yeah, this is a real thing.

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Đorđe Martinović Incident

How the shoving of a beer bottle into the butt of a Serbian farmer sparked political controversy in 1985 and contributed to the downfall of Yugoslavia.

True story. Check it out here!

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