VirUshka has happened, finally! We know your social media timelines are now being bombarded! But then here’s one more 😛 We had to (HAD TO!) get into the nitty-gritty of this wedding. The photographs and videos released on social media are just so adorable that we can’t get over it. We need to give them full credit though for the way everything was kept hush-hush. And we aren’t complaining because it was the sweetest surprise the world got from the lovely pair!

While we are still going all gaga over their choice of outfit and the decor. What fascinated us the most was their choice of venue. Borgo Finocchieto at Tuscany in Italy.

It is a 800 years old lavish villa with lush green view of valley it seems like its right out of a fairytale. The best part is at one point of time it can occupy only 40-50 guests hence it totally works for a private affair and acts as a perfect escape from the shor sharaba of the city. The village is located in the scenic locales of Tuscany, an hour from Florence’s airport. The luxurious resort has a 60-ft oval swimming pool, gym, spa, and a tennis court along with 22 bedrooms and suites.

It is also considered to be one of the most expensive holiday rentals especially during Christmas and New Years when the prices Rs 94,83,210 in entirety per week, which is Rs 13,54,744 per night :O Wonder what is so special about this place? We thought of taking you there virtually! Presenting Borgo Finocchieto!

The hill’s view from the Villa.

The view within the Villa…

The courtyard…

While people in Delhi and Mumbai cribbed over Smog in their cities, Viruska must be experiencing this in Tuscany…The morning Fog <3

The view of the Hills from the pool side…

This is how they decorated the venue for the wedding of the year…

Isn’t is mesmerising? It just feels so dreamy and magical <3

Not many are aware but this Villa is also Barack Obama’s favourite holiday home. He visited it last in January 2017. Need a more detailed view of the place, check out this video…

We are in complete awe of this beautiful village! Indeed an ideal location for a small private wedding. We wish Virushka a very happy married life!

If you want to check out the complete place, we’ve got the link for you right below.


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