I understand how humans are social beings and they need people around themselves to survive a whole lifetime. Some seek companionship, some seek validation and some are there to keep loneliness at bay. But what we don’t realise is how we have become a whole generation of humans with temporary friends and people around us. Friends who come and go like season. We on the other hand kind of just move on with time.

One moment someone is so close to you that you can’t ever imagine not seeing them every day or talking to them every day and then they are just gone. They move on, they aren’t a part of your life anymore. Its like they never were in it in the first place. Weird right? Its baffling to your parents because they seem to have people whom they have known for a whole lifetime. Its a pattern that is followed from person to person. One moment you feel like you have a friend for a lifetime and the other moment you feel if you even know that person at all.

As young adults, we concentrate so much on being a part of the crowd that we forget how quality is so much more important than quantity. Growing up you don’t need a bunch of people who would be a part of your life for a month or two, but for a whole lifetime. At a very early stage in our lives, we need to start figuring out who are the people who are good for our mental and emotional health. Its important to safeguard yourself from a heartbreak like this because losing a friend sucks more than any other thing in this world.

We literally live in a world where there would only be a small number of people who would genuinely care for you and then there are others who are there just looking for someone to “Chill with”. Its your job to identify such people.

There is a  saying, “You cannot surround yourself with A-holes and expect to not be depressed.” so its your job to identify those A-holes. In a world full of temporary people find your permanent ones. They are the one who would cross a roaring river of emotions to save you from drowning. They are the one who would walk that extra mile with you and make sure that you feel better.

You wouldn’t cherish the moments you have spent with people you chill with, you wouldn’t even remember it after a while. But you’ll surely never forget the time when you laughed over something silly with your childhood friend or that one friend who always shows up whenever you are down or just people who uplift you when you need it the most.

I realised it pretty early that I didn’t need a big bunch of hobos around me who would be long gone if I ever needed someone to talk to. They would always be there to celebrate with you, but would never be there for you when you are down. As the bad times roll you see how these people disappear in thin air. You don’t need such shit show when you are building yourself up as a human. These are the best and most critical time of your life, you’ve got to be cautious about who you let in and make them a part of your journey.

So the next time you know that someone is going to be a temporary person in your life this is what you do!

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