February is here and before we get flooded with all the cheesy, pink, romantic posts because it is Valentine’s Day, how about we talk about something ever more important – Netflix and what to watch this month!

Altered Carbon – Season 1: February 2

Set in future where consciousness can be digitized and stored allowing humans to ‘live’ beyond death, the story follows a soldier Takeshi Kovacs who has been commissioned by an aristocrat to solve his murder. With all the footage released teasing this series, line up all you sci-fi geeks.

Mute – Netflix movie: February 23

Starring big names like Alexander Skarsgard, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux, the story is again set in a futuristic Berlin (hence the accents). Skarsgard plays a mute bartender with a violent past who decided to take on the underworld in search of his lost girlfriend.

The Ritual – Netflix movie: February 9

A reunion gone wrong, a horror movie that showcases why shortcuts never lead to anything good. Four friends unite after the death of a friend and decide to trek through the Scandinavian wilderness. What follows is well… watch the trailer to get some chills.

Seven Seconds – Season 1: February 23

A crime drama, this series explores the humans behind your everyday newspaper headlines. After a black boy is run over by a white cop, a cover up ensues and racial tensions explode. If the trailer is anything to go by, this one will be grisly.

Coach Snoop – Season 1: February 2

A series about Snoop Dogg coaching a football team – what’s not to love! Inspired by his rough childhood, he coaches at-risk teenagers in the Snoop Youth Football League. This looks inspiring, funny and touching.

Queer Eye – Season 1: February 7

An Emmy award winning show, the Fab 5 (as Netflix calls them) are on a mission… mission to bring in a little sophistication into a fashion challenged straight male… and while doing them up, if they can also interest you in a dose of accepting the LGBTQ community, hallelujah.

Fullmetal Alchemist – Netflix movie: February 19

First released in 2017 in Japan, for the fans of the manga / anime series, Netflix is releasing a live-action movie which stars the main protagonists Ed and Al Elric, as Edward searches for a way to restore Al’s body. Let’s just hope this one isn’t as disastrous as Death Note.

Love per Square Foot – Netflix movie: February 14

A love story about a boy and girl trying to survive in Mumbai city with its ever increasing prices of real estate – I was quite surprised to see Ratna Pathak Shah in the trailer. The movie follows the non-couple as they meander through the big Indian dream of buying a house. Will it be a perfect romantic date movie? Only time will tell.

So here’s the list. Which one are you most excited for? Me? I am going to earmark Altered Carbon for sure ☺

Suchita is a writer by day, reader by night and a problem solver and creator in-between. She loves to gossip and feel superior in her head. Her biggest achievement has been a comment on her blog that said she has a wicked sense of humour.