With the launch of new iPhone on 12th September, the tech enthusiasts got a chance to visit the new Apple headquarters also called as “Mothership” or “Spaceship”. Most of you would be aware that this has been the dream project of Steve Jobs and has been under construction since last 5 years! The building is now ready to move in with its 12000 employees.

When it comes to Apple, design plays a major role in all aspects. Designed and conceptualised by Apple’s Chief Design Officer Jonathan Ive and Steve Jobs, this one looks like a dream! Check it out.

Below is the map of current office area and the new spaceship.

map of site
Source: 9to5mac

The one to the left is the old building and to the right is the new construction space.

Below is the 3D replica:

replica of the new office
Source: thefoxisblack

Here is the site under construction.

under construction
Source: mirror.co.uk

The site is located just 1 mile away from Apple’s old office building. The inner circle of the main building contains a 30-acre park with a pond, trees and pathways.

top view
Source: mirror.co.uk


top view of the site
Source: mirror.co.uk

The company plans to utilize solar energy for electricity and also share the same with the neighboring areas in the location. The firm also promises on using 100% renewable energy, including 17 megawatts of rooftop solar power, making it one of the largest on-site solar energy installations in the world.

drone view
Source: mirror.co.uk


visitor center
Source: mirror.co.uk

Steve Jobs always wanted the center to be more like nature’s refuge instead of office park. The 80% of the area will be the green space to ensure that nature is well protected.

steve jobs center
Source: mirror.co.uk

The Steve Jobs theater view from the distance.

theater view
Source: mirror.co.uk

One of the views of the outside with the seating area for employees to chill (not sure if they would get enough time to enjoy the sun)

the entrance
Source: mirror.co.uk

The walkway through the visitor waiting area.. The building has seven cafes, the largest of which is split over three levels and seats 3,000 people.

visitor area
Source: mirror.co.uk


the meeting area
Source: mirror.co.uk

The entrance to the inside of the building..

the hallway
Source: nydailynews

The hallway and lounge area..

The Steve Jobs Theater Entrance..

walkway towards the theater
Source: mirror.co.uk


the stairway
Source: mirror.co.uk


the auditorium way
Source: mirror.co.uk


towards the steve jobs theatre
Source: mirror.co.uk

The auditorium is underground and has capacity of 100 people with 350 parking spaces. Here’s how it looks from inside.

inside the theater
Source: mirror.co.uk

The outside of fitness and yoga center. The stones have been mined from the quarry in Kansas specially to give the desired effect and fineness. Also the fitness center has a climbing wall with pre-distressed stone.

fitness centre
Source: wired.com

The glass fins are all curved out to emphasize and stick to the shape of the building. The building will be clad entirely in the world’s largest panel of curved glass.

the glass fins
Source: mirror.co.uk


glass structure
Source: mirror.co.uk

This is how the final output looks like..

final look
Source: mirror.co.uk

Steve Jobs, in his last public appearance before his death in October 2011 described his vision for the new headquarters:

“It’s got a gorgeous courtyard in the middle, and a lot more. It’s a circle, so it’s curved all the way round. This is not the cheapest way to build something. Every pane of glass in the main building will be curved. We have a shot, at building the best office building in the world. I really do think that architecture students will come here to see it.”

We believe in his vision, do you? Let us know in comments below.

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