Google recently rolled out the beta version for Android P. This is the subtle hint to the tech geeks out that the next iteration of the phone from Google aka Pixel 3 is just months away from launch. Oreo is yet to capture the market but P is here 🙂

The developer “P” beta is out for a handful of partnered devices including the home brewed Pixel devices. We still need to guess what the next version Android 9.0 will be called…Popsicle, Pudding, Pancake, Pineapple Pie ??? Well this is something we will have to wait to hear from Google officially but here is the complete list of Android P features which we will be having our hands-on soon

Official support for Notches

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Ever since iPhone X got launched, every major android handset manufacturer rushed to roll out android handsets with a variety of notches – slim ones, wider ones etc. All this was managed by the handset manufacturer with official support from Android yet to arrive and with Android P, it welcomes the upcoming (and existing) mobile devices with open arms for Notches

Gestures based Interface

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Lets face it, mobile devices these days are going completely bezel-less with a simple notch style cutout for housing the hardware components. This demands the introduction of complete gestures based interface across system-wide for Android. This was very well implemented with iOS with the iPhone X launch. Be ready to embrace the bezel-less body with a buttery smooth gesture heavy Android P

Adaptive Battery with smart AI learning

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This feature will use some crazy machine learning shit to understand your usage and behavior with the applications on your smartphone. Machine learning will be monitoring & studying your app usage patterns to find out which apps would you be using in the next few hours while which ones are those which will be used later towards the day or week end. This will definitely improve the battery life.

App Actions

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Machine learning will be the main crux of Android P. Smart actions will be predicted basis the individuals usage patterns which are none other than app shortcuts for the things which you are usually doing. Imagine plugging your headphones (if your are lucky enough to have a mobile with the old school auxiliary port  😛 ) and your default music app ( like Gaana, Saavn etc  opens up.


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This is a new API which will be available to application developers which will then be implemented across Android P. This will be simply provide direct app screens access across android or from search. Imagine Uber uses the new Slice API to create a screen/slice of the context in search and give you the provision to directly book the cab providing an estimate of what is the fare to work or to home.

New Volume Control Placement

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With the complete bezel-less mobile body, it will be hard for users to reach to the top of the screen to use the volume slider. With Android P, it positions itself towards the right side of the screen, aligned vertically. Damn!!! that is the best convenient way. Wonder why I never felt it prior to this  🙄

Wind Down

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This is mainly an extension of the Night mode. The screen will shift to a monochrome display which will make the user realize its time to get done with smartphone usage for the day.


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The intention of introducing this feature is to focus on the users smartphone addiction and more towards the well-being. Dashboard shows you the complete list of apps one has used for the day with detailed time spent on using each one of them. Google really wants us to de-addict from our continuous smartphone usage and give the mobile phone some space.. maybe!  😈  😛  😀 To the extent that it will even show the number of times you unlocked your phone throughout the day to check it.

With Android P official launch months away, we just need to wait and watch what will be the official name for this years android release. The Easter egg which shows up in android P build is the one below… Hmm.. Pancake? maybe…

Source: Phonearena

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