Waiting for Stranger Things 2 to release?

If you are, then it’s time to bring yourself to life so you can be ready for tomorrow. After a year long wait, Stranger Things 2 is finally releasing tomorrow on Netflix at 12.30 pm IST. (if your subscription has expired it’s time to renew it!). When Stranger Things 1 released on Netflix, it took a while to come into limelight. The best part about this release is that Netflix will be making all the 9 episodes available at once! So you can probably take a day off tomorrow (if your boss permits, don’t try giving random excuses, it won’t work if they know you love binge watching :P)

The show is famous for its spooky story line and creepy incidents in the upside down world. While some of you might be patiently waiting for the next line of episodes, counting the stars, days, months or watching other random series to keep yourself off the hook, there are some who have expressed their emotions on the long enduring wait. Have a look!

Indeed for some the wait has been tooo long..

please release
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While some of them are in need of some more..

season 2
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While there were some who got all excited seeing the trailer..

There are some who are all prepped up!


There are few who are already in future, like this one 😛


Some are getting a bit drowned or too much excited.. we are not sure..


These will be the few reactions tonight 😀

People got all excited after seeing the preview..


Some took a direct gig on Riverdale fans..


Things people do 😀

There are some who have been very very patient and calm..


So hold on folks, it’s just few hours more to go. The time has finally come! 😀

Not sure about you guys, but this is going to be us tomorrow 😛

Share with us your cool memes of waiting for Stranger Things 2

Do let us know once you have watched all the episodes tomorrow!

Meanwhile, you may watch the trailer.. Again! 😛

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