Wishing you had one more day, wishing had some other way.
Its seen in that puff of smoke that winning all wars isn’t a play.
Fighting all that comes, taking it all down,
You realise a piece of you was lost,
after fighting just to see your crown.

telling yourself again and again, nailing it hard into your brain,
Destroy anything that pulls you down, so over the dark clouds you’ll fly.
You pick yourself up again and ready yourself to win, or die.
Shine your shield, sharpen your sword and bandage every wound,
You burn your vices and warm your hands while they’re on fire, ruthlessly exhumed.
Hang on to every cliff, warrior, hang on with hope.
With all your faith in yourself, that’ll be your rope.

There will be a time when you’d really want to give up,
when your sword will start wavering, your heart will shiver.
Then the battle starts that has to be won,
here you win and tell the tale, or to tell the tale another day, you run.
I do believe in you, but i know your belief is enough.
Because that is what will take you to victory, even when it gets rough.

You will lose a battle, but wars you’ll win,
with Rocky’s grace in the ring,
come anything, you will get through,
With big wounds and bigger hearts, many wars you’ve won,
just keep going with all your strength, you will win this one too.

Rohan Pingle

Broke, reckless and kinda funny.