To all the 90’s kids who remember reading Spider-man comics. This is the time for some comic-book precise anti-hero action!

Marvel released the official Venom trailer this morning and we are loving it. The trailer starts with a crash site being ‘investigated’ by Life Corp. and the venom symbiote  being transported to the Life Corp’s research centre in San Francisco.

Eddie Brock, being Eddie Brock, manages to piss off Carlton Drake, the guy who runs Life Corp. We then see a excerpt of Brock’s life before the symbiote comes into the picture. Being a reporter, he manages to get on Carlton Drake’s nerves and getting thrown out of the office. That is when he is followed and later asked for help by someone who knows what goes on at Life Corp. Brock is then seen sneaking into a laboratory inside the Life Corp. office and getting attacked by an experiment subject who is host to the symbiote.

The symbiote makes home inside Brock and he starts hearing voices and eventually has the symbiote’s tentacles helping him take down the bad guys who come into his house. He then starts talking to the symbiote and starts addressing himself and the symbiote as ‘we’. He makes a deal with the symbiote saying that the only way it can stay inside him is to beat only the bad guys. The symbiote clearly has other plans as we hear it saying ‘The way i see it, we can do whatever we want’.

Later in the trailer, we see the symbiote in all its gross and gruesome glory as it takes over Brock and tells some chap trying to beat Brock ‘we are Venom’. The venom in this is pretty on-point compared to the comic books. Complete with the huge white eyes, a mouthful of big, sharp teeth and the snake-like tongue. I almost had an orgasm seeing that. The trailer ends with that poor chaps screams and an image of Eddie Brock’s face being  taken over by the symbiote.

The movie is based on the ‘Lethal Protector’ limited series. Wherein there are five symbiotes in total. While in the trailer we do not see any other symbiote. Although, we do see at least two experiment subjects when Eddie Brock is in the lab. Those subjects might be the other symbiotes who fight Eddie Brock along with Life Corp.

Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock A.K.A Venom, Riz Ahmed plays Carlton Drake and Michelle Williams plays Anne Weying. The cast sounds exciting and Venom, badass.

We are waiting to see the Venom in all its bad-assery just as much as you are. Lets check it out together when it hits the screens in early October this year.

Watch the trailer here!

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