There were enough scandals revolving around the UIDAI Software already and now it looks like we have another one to add. A major one!

According to an investigation done by HuffPost India, the patch used by the UIDAI Aadhaar software to enrol new users and get them into the database may have fallen prey to hackers, using a software patch that disabled its critical security features. This software patch is reported to be available for merely ₹2,500.
The patch facilitates unauthorised users to login as Aadhaar enrolment operators to register anyone and generate Aadhaar numbers from anywhere in the world.

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The software’s security features are compromised on three levels:

1. It overlooks the need for authentication of the operator using the software to enrol new people.

2. The patch disables the software’s inbuilt GPS security feature. Thus, allowing anyone from any part of the world access this software and enrol people/generate Aadhaar Numbers.

3. The patch reduces the sensitivity of the Aadhaar enrolment software’s iris recognition feature. Hence, making it easier to fool the software using a photograph of the registered operator.


HuffPost India consulted with 5 analysts(3 international and 2 national experts) to look into the situation and one says it was a ‘planned hack involving a significant amount of time and resources‘. Another one says, the entire enrolment system would have to be redesigned in order to avoid further damage.

However, Aadhaar’s official Twitter handle posted a tweet dismissing the allegations. That too without any evidence to back themselves.

With the report widely spreading across the social media, UIDAI would have no other option but come up with a proper explanation regarding the issue soon.
Meanwhile, thank you HuffPost India for shedding light on a major issue.

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