Well, for Indian kids there will be lot of moments when they would wish they wouldn’t have got out of the Anda in the first place. Ask me why and I could bestow you with 101 reasons for the same 😛

To start with our parents have so much expectations from us we get kinda tired trying to either run away from those or trying to fulfill them. Either way it becomes a major complication in our life. Considering they are parents and have every right to have certain expectation from their kids, I think it’s only fair to give kids a chance to do what they feel like. To each its own!

It typically starts with beta gaana gaake sunao aunty ko, Beta namaste karo ache se, Beta Science le lo, Beta shaadi karlo, Beta bacha paida karlo, etc.

Let’s have a look at some common expectations vs what the kids actually want!

Actions of kids and their approach

Parents: Bada hoke zaroor Engineer banega

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Kid: It was mere coincidence! Video dekha tha YouTube pe 😛

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A daughters purpose in life

Parents: Study well and get married to a perfect guy

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Daughter: I want to become a Pilot and be independent

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Now that shaadi is done…

Parents: We want at least 2 grandchildren


Son/Daughter: We want to live our life and don’t want kids

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While in school…

Parents: Maths and Science may top karega

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Kid: Loves studying English

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Kids showing interest in competitions…

Parents: You should start preparing for IAS. Your dedication to this proves you can become a great manager for the country

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Kid: Just wants to compete with a friend for the sake of not feeling left out!

Source: Matrimony Blog- Byoh

When it comes to outdoor activities…

Parents: Beta start coaching for cricket. You have to become an Indian cricketer

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Kid: Just wants to play and enjoy the moment.

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When you enter college…

Parents: Don’t get too close to boy/girl. You are going to college to study and complete graduation.

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Kid: I need to interact with people of my age and make new friends.

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Parents: Don’t get into relationship or too close to opposite gender. You are too naive to know about sex.

Source: SheerParenting

Kid: Get enough education about sex in school and can protect himself/herself.

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Though the fact remains that our parents love us, it is onus on the kid to make them understand your dreams and expectations. It might not be an easy task to bridge the gap between the 2 generation, but one must take a stand for himself/herself.

Make sure you make the most of your own life! 🙂

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