You come across a lot of different personalities when you enter the college world. Everyone is excited and looking forward this new adventurous phase of life. Some of you might be smart to catch them and figure out what’s best for you while some of you might be too naive and won’t know until the war has begun!


Worry not, here’s the brief guide to the kind of guys you will encounter in college. Check them out! 😉

The over smart fellow – Wannabe!

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These types are the ones who show that they know, but they don’t know. So it’s best to pretend that they know and you know they know but they don’t need to know that you know they don’t know anything! Phew! In short, they are just are wannabes trying to grab some attention from everything that’s happening around them. Its best to use your own brain or seek out someone who actually knows the sh*t and is not fooling around!

The know-it-all

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He is your man-friday in any situation. He knows everything and about everyone. Can’t find place to eat? Ask him. Need to plan a party? Ask him. Need gifting ideas, date places, money issues, attendance problem, exam passing problem, etc… Ask him!

The geek

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The nerdy guy who attends each and every lecture, completes the classwork on time and is the pet of the professors. Ask him anything related to any subject and he will tell you. Where to find him in times of need? Well, you can find him the library studying, if he is not busy attending lectures. 😛

The spoilt brat

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He is the Richie rich of the college. He has everything starting from expensive cars, hot GF, branded watches, branded clothes, etc. You name it and he has it. He also has lot of sh*t attitude but doesn’t realise no one gives a fcuk! He does not attend lectures and boasts about his dad’s money. Well it’s best to ignore!

The romance freak

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He is always ready to go on a date. He loves the idea of perfect romance. He watches all the romantic movies and can quote a dialogues from movies just to impress you. He loves love! Want any romantic tips or idea for a date, he is your man!

The creep

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You will be see him standing alone and staring at people passing by. He would have some creepy vibes, god knows why! Talking to him would make you feel uncomfortable plus there is something about that stare. There is no doubt he also has stalking expertise which you just cannot fathom. Simple advice: Stay Away!

The charmer


People love to talk to him. You just can’t stay angry with him. When he is around, all you would do is smile! Yes, he is the charmer. The smooth talker. He knows his way with words and expressions and can make anyone fall in love with him.

The humour king

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He is king of memes! He has a killer sense of humour. He can crack instant jokes and make any one fall off their chair laughing. A true gem to be around, but often people forget there is a thin line between making fun and hurting someone. If you are the one who can’t stand funny remarks, or have a hot temper, stay away from him. 😛

The one already committed


He is the dedicated one. The one woman man type. He is already in a serious committed dedicated relationship probably with his high school sweetheart and will not let his heart flounder around or check out other beautiful women in the college. He will sit in canteen for lunch with his GF, attend lecture with his GF, go for party with his GF, do group study with his GF, and even sit in the goddamn lecture with his GF! It’s best to just let him be… with his GF 😛

The one is who is dying to be in a relationship

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The over enthu cutlet! Either he has been single too long or he has never been in a relationship ever. College is a free zone for him and he can’t wait to show off his new relationship. He will go to any extent to get a girl’s attention and make her his GF. Even though it might be a temporary stint. And once he has found the one, he will go all bonkers and shout on top his lungs to make the world know he has found her!

The dopey

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This one is always high on something. If he is not indulging himself on every kind of addiction, he still seems lost and doped. His eyes would be drooping and he will be in his own zone, irrespective of what time he said you’d meet him or whatever you ask him. If you need someone who will just listen to you and not give any reaction, this one is perfect!

The chauvinist pig

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He is the epitome of patriarchy! He thinks women are pieces of s*** or somehow incapable of handling anything important. If you are a girl, stay away from him or make sure you show him what your stand is. And if you are a guy, bro, please make him understand that we live in 21st century and are believers in gender equality.

The bro code hero

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Bhai Bhai, Tu mera bhai hai re, We are Bros! He is everyone’s bro. He knows everyone and everyone feels he is closest to him/her. However, in reality, he is close to no one. Rather he is also not sure who actually is his real bro 😐

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