If you have been living on planet Pluto only then you would not know that Salman Bhaijaan is again in the news. Definitely not for good reasons 😛
This seems to be like a habit! Anyway, moving on, as usual once the result was out, Twitteratis have gone crazy.

While you struggle through mid week woes, here are few meme’s and tweets that might make your drab day seem lighter. You may feel empathy or pity or maybe you feel he deserves it, but nonetheless, he is here again to keep you entertained!

Have a look:

When you have too many cases against you…

In the loving memory of the blackbucks!

Total savage!

To the Indian judiciary!

Chal mere bhai 😛

Climaxed too soon?

Lol.. birds with of a feather, flock together?



Resumes please…

No more saath saath…

Not sure if he will succeed in getting bail this time…

No comments on this one…like seriously?

Koi toh khush hua!

Definitely bhai rocks!

Hehehehe taking digs!

We don’t know what is wrong with people in India!

Ok so charity is the solution…




Totally irrelevant!

We don’t know about Bhaijaan, but Twitteratis definitely seem to be having fun on this one 😛 All we can do is grab the popcorn and watch the show. Let’s see what happens next!

Stay Tuned!

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