2019 has already started taking a toll on all of us and we finally out of the blue hear something so heartwarming that nothing else really matters. Bless the internet for this one! A Pakistani man decided to get his divorced mother married. The lady was divorced for 23 years and then her son who felt that he is a responsible adult decided to do what was right.

Losing a partner or having a bad marriage while having kids is the most difficult thing, you watch your parents suffer. They give you all the love in the world and you give it right back and in abundance, but the kinda of space a partner fills up cannot be filled even by the most loving child.

Being a divorced single mother is a tough task in the society we live in and remarriage is another thing that people never really take down positively. In an age where people believe that love is for everyone, irrespective of their age, colour or gender this son turned out to be the real OG amongst all of us!

He took to Twitter to share the good news and seek blessing for the newlyweds. As always the good fellows on the Internet did not disappoint and sent out their hearty congratulations!

People are also praising the mother for bringing her son up so well and teaching him all the right lessons in life.

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