Razer – a company famous for its gaming community and die-hard gamers. This is the same company which focuses on gaming laptops, cool gaming accessories like mechanical backlit keyboards, high DPI settings mouse for gamers etc. Recently Razer created a lot of buzz in the market when it launched its first ever phone dedicating to mobile gaming and gamers. The phone is a beast when it comes to pure performance. It has the ability to play games at much higher frame rates which matches to desktop level gaming.

Source: Razer
Source: Razer
Source: The Tech Report

To be honest such concepts have been showcased in the past but none of them could see the daylight. In the past companies came out with additional accessories which when connected to an output (TV ) would create a complete desktop feel. Razer has done things differently when compared directly. Have a look at the pictures and you will see that Razer has created a cavity/slot which perfectly houses the Razer phone with a pop in/out USB type C slot for charging it while using it. When the phone is placed it acts as many of the following things…

  • The phone screen becomes the traditional trackpad seen on laptops
  • The phone’s insanely 2 loud, speakers on top and bottom act as speakers for the laptop
  • It acts as a 2nd screen during most gaming sessions which showcase some statistics while gameplay.

Coming to the Razer laptop it sports a 2560×1440 120Hz 13 inch LCD screen along with the full sized Razer keyboard which is completely customizable and with chroma lighting. Additionally, it houses a USB Type C port, a headphone jack and 200GB of onboard storage.

Source: Razer
Source: Razer
Source: Razer
Source: Razer

This is still a concept and to make it a reality many hardware manufacturers and software developers would need to work in tandem for this concept to see the daylight. Moving ahead Razer has promised they will make sure this concept has all the parts and accessories which are seen on a typical laptop. Razer has also confirmed that the laptop will come with an HDMI support to project the display to bigger screens and a touchscreen support. IMHO the major challenge will be to see how Google are open to customizing their Android Operating System(OS) to support such a phone to laptop concept seamlessly and effortlessly.

Check out the videos below to experience the concept

Personally, I loved this concept and would definitely buy the phone and laptop combo provided the following tasks work seamlessly

  • The OS is buttery smooth with negligible performance lag on both the laptop and the phone.
  • Apart from traditional gaming this concept handles daily work-related tasks (like using office apps, software, applications etc) without a lag and I am not constantly reminded that “I miss using a proper laptop”
  • This concept will be loved by all since it has the perfect combination of “Work and Play” to choose from since a majority of the population these days are addicted to mobile games.

Do let me know in the comments section what do you feel about this concept.

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