With the current situation in India, commuting is not easy. Firstly, it is extremely time consuming and other it is no value for money. If you are travelling to college you are under immense pressure of time. If you have morning lectures there’s no way you can skip it just because you got rush in train/metro and couldn’t climb in!

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Plus, the amount of money you spend, you are not actually utilising it in the right way. If you stay really far from college or work then, bro, you better start planning, or else you will end up spending half your life just travelling from home to xyz place.

We cannot really shift the college or work location, but we can do some smart planning here and not succumb to daily commuting pressure. Here’s how!

Take a Bus

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Instead of rushing around in trains and struggling to get a seat, check if there is a direct bus to your location. Plan your day in such a way that you get an empty bus and you can catch up on your pending assignments or studies while travelling. It’s a fact that a bus might take a bit longer to reach than train, but at least you will get a place to seat and you can use the time to do something important. It can be as simple as listening to music or reading a book. Basically, having a good start to your day! And if the weather is good with no traffic you will enjoy the ride!

Take a bike

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We keep complaining we do not get time to ride or do any exercise. Well, here’s your chance. Grab it! If you stay a reasonable biking distance to college or work, it’s the best that you can do. It is much quicker and inexpensive if you already own a good bike. What’s more, you are also doing exercise, which is much needed to stay fit.

Walk while you talk 😛

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This is another sasta sundar tikau solution. Leave everything, put your headphones on and start walking. This is feasible when you live reasonably close by and weather permits. Don’t attempt this in the monsoons!

Car Pool

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These days there are lot of apps that allow people to carpool. If you have friends commuting from same area and are driving, go ahead and suggest this to them. You will not only have company and meet new people, you will all end up saving lot of money there.

Traffic timings

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This is a bit critical. Though you may have lectures at a fixed time, or have to report to work at a particular time, but to make your life a bit easy it’s best to check the traffic before leaving your home. Watch for a pattern and always keep traffic app handy so you know beforehand. It’s best to leave half and hour early and chill or grab a cup of coffee then to worry about reaching late. And if there is no traffic on the road, you end up saving a lot on fuel 🙂

And if nothing works for you…

Change your place of residence!

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Yes, you can go ahead and change the place where you reside. If you feel that you are spending a lot of time and money travelling, then it’s best to rent a place close to the college or work location. It will be lot more convenient and cheaper than wasting hours in commuting everyday. Plus you will have a life of your own!

You will be able to save lot of money if you plan smartly and use that money for better purpose in life.

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