Dancing Queen blasted on the music system while my mum swayed around the room, leaving a huge smile on my face. Being her playful self she came towards the couch, where i had parked my lazy ass and picked me up to twirl around with her. We both danced and monkey-ed around. This is what a Sunday felt like at home as i grew up around some of the strongest women i knew. Mamma being a huge Abba fan would chirp their songs or hum them. That’s how I picked up a few as well.

Mamma Mia being one of my favourites would find its way to me while i was on my way to school or a full fledged session while i was in the shower. Discovering Mamma Mia! the movie was one of the those high points in life! Finding Abba songs in the form of a musical was the best thing ever. Meryl Streep being the genius actress that she is, swept us away with her charming character of a single mother who runs a small rickety hotel of her own in Greece.

Her baby girl comes back home after finishing her education with the love of her life and the mother is elated to find out that she has found her one true love.

 Mamma Mia the movie shows us the dilemma of a single mother in the most beautiful manner and makes us want to dance along and share all their joys and sorrows. The movie proves how every girl needs her girlfriends to get through the most difficult situations in life. Be it tackling hardships or men who have broken your heart into a million pieces. Your girlfriend is your one true companion, your one true soul mate who is actually going to stand by you through all the godforsaken difficulties that life is going to throw at you.


The movie had me at all the hits that were created and sung by Abba. The music makes you feel things and genuinely makes you care about how each character grows in life throughout the film. By the end of it all, I found myself a little more happy as I brushed that little trickle of tear which found its way on my cheeks. A sense of belonging is what we all need was the learning of the day.

Let’s rewind and find our way to the end of 2017. They just released the trailer for Mamma Mia! Here we go again. The prequel takes us back to how it all began and how happily ever after found its way to each character. Lily James plays the younger version of Meryl Streep. How she was on her journey of self-discovery and how she found her way back to her true self. How she fell in love, not once or twice, but thrice and found her true love in her baby girl. And you know what it all came down to? Your girls have your back no matter how badly you screw up! They are the ones who will push you to your limits and take out the best in you.

Girls! Hold on to your girlfriends. Love them. Support them. Tell them they are beautiful and how they inspire you. They matter the most and when you’ve learnt how to love your own kind that is when you’ll learn the whole idea of Feminism. ☺

Watch the trailer here and feel it all!

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