The Infinity War ashes have settled (pun definitely intended), and now that the credits have rolled on the movie, and we wait for the next big Marvel cinematic event, what better time to talk about all the great post-credits scenes Marvel movies have given audiences.

10. Howard the Duck – Guardians of the Galaxy

Nobody could have ever predicted that a group of misfit superheroes including a talking tree and a talking raccoon would achieve the kind of success that Guardians did, but the movie opened the doors for movies starring cosmic heroes. In keeping with the light-hearted tone of the film, the post-credits scene featured one of Marvel’s most bizarre characters: Howard the Duck.

In this scene, Howard both looked and sounded exactly like his comic counterpart. Fans thought there might be a movie starring the drinking, foul-mouthed duck in the works, but it turned out to be nothing more than a running gag.

9. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The revelations of Captain America: The Winter Soldier prompted Captain America and Black Widow to take down SHIELD itself. This made fans wonder where the MCU would go after this decision. They didn’t have to wait too long for an answer as in a dark and gritty post credit sequence in the movie, the world was introduced to the twins, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

8. Teen Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume II

At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we get a hilarious glimpse at the next stage of Groot: Teen (or “tween”) Groot, an adolescent version of the hero who keeps his room messy, plays video games all day, and says his “I am Groot” with a lot more attitude. Starlord getting angry at the mess he’s made of his room is one of the funniest scenes in the MCU to date.

7. Captain America PSA – Spiderman: Homecoming

Throughout Spider-Man: Homecoming, we see that Peter’s high school often shows the students corny PSA videos with Captain America giving them advice on how to be upstanding citizens. Then, at the end of the credits, Marvel gives audiences some meta humour. Marvel trained audiences to stay until after the credits, so it knows the fans are watching, waiting for a tease of the next big event and instead the movie ends with another Captain America PSA, lecturing the audience on the value of patience, and on how to deal with “why you waited so long, for something so disappointing.” It’s just perfect coming from the goody-two shoes Captain.

6. The Original Guardians – Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II

This scene is one of the ultimate examples of just how much Guardians of the Galaxy mastermind James Gunn loves both the comics and the fans. From a non comic fan’s perspective, the scene isn’t particularly noteworthy: it simply shows the Ravagers gathering together, at Stakar’s call, to go “steal some sh*t.” Fun, but not very significant. However, die-hard comic fans know that what makes this scene special is that it shows the precursors to the Guardians of the Galaxy team from the comics gathered – a sight that no one ever could have predicted.

5. Thanos Gets the Infinity Gauntlet – Avengers: Age of Ultron

When Thanos seizes the Infinity Gauntlet in the Age of Ultron post credits scene, he launched Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, setting all the events in motion leading upto his invasion of Earth in Infinity War.

At this point, we’d already seen the Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos’ face, so fans were eager to get a whiff of the Mad Titan’s motivations — or perhaps another reference to his beloved lady, “Death.”

4. Stan Lee and The Watchers – Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II

Stan Lee has made a cameo in every Marvel movie to date. Fans have long speculated that his character is more than an old guy who shows up in every movie. Fans of the comics, even said that he might be one of The Watchers, the celestial beings in charge of overseeing the events of the Marvel Universe. The post credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II answered this question for fans once and for all, showing Stan Lee to be one of the informants of The Watchers.

3. Shawarma – The Avengers

So the credits rolled on the first Avengers movie, the superhero movie genre had been changed forever. We had been treated to the spectacle of seeing all these heroes on screen together for the first time. In what was first seen as a joke, Tony Stark mentions wanting to go to Shawarma Palace for some Shawarma. However, the post-credits scene for the movie made good on the promise and we got the scene of the whole team sitting down in a restaurant run down from the huge battle, quietly eating Shawarma together.


2. First look at Thanos  – The Avengers

We remember this scene so well that it’s easy to forget what a major effect it had when we first saw it, but consider: at the time, The Avengers was the biggest event in superhero movie history. It was a movie so massive in scale that it would seem impossible to ever top it. So, what did Marvel do? They made it clear, by showing a tiny glimmer of Thanos in the credits, that things would only escalate from here.

1. Nick Fury – Iron Man

This is the scene that changed everything, which is why it has to be our pick for number one.The post-credits of Iron Man started off the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe with Nick Fury showing up and assuring Tony Stark that he wasn’t the only individual with the power to defend earth. This set the events leading up to the Avengers in motion and kicked off the MCU. This scene was originally meant as nothing more than a nod to the other superheroes, but the fan reaction made the company take notice of the demand for a potential Avengers movie. The fans would get their wish four years later in 2012.

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