We’re quite sure that Valentine’s Day went romantically well for most couples, but we all know that friend who breaks up on the very day everyone is searching for love. We blame it on Cupid being too overworked and not as efficient to ensure that everyone gets lucky.

There is Love Day and then there are … you know what we mean! (pun intended)

To overcome the pangs of the heart, we urge you to go just a bit further down to your tummy. Here are the top food items, that Indians confessed (on social media) to be bingeing on for support, post being broken-up with, on Valentine’s Day!

1. Chocolates

That new Silk you thought you would gift your SO on Valentine’s… It’s time to have the indulgence yourself. Lose yourself in some chocolatey love.

2. Fries

McDonald’s is where you go to, when you are single and your ex has taken his new flame to a fancy ass restaurant. This food chain is going to be there for you quite late in the night and they have free wifi in case you want to be lost on 9Gag or download something hotter *wink*

3. Pizza

It’s true when they say, Love is temporary, pizza is eternal. Also, you never know you might just find someone to look at, the way you look at pizza!

4. Butter Chicken

All of India’s favourite dish during every phase of life. It’s finger licking good, this one, so just go on and pair with a naan to forget that naansense about breaking up.

5. Veg masala sandwich

You lose some, you gain some. Just like you lost your lover and gained a new friend in the form of sandwich-ke-thele-wala-bhaiyya. Also, you can ask for that extra slice of aloo with chat masala to better your mood.

6. Popcorn

It’s time to bring out all that Golden Sizzle that you saved for Netflix and chilling. And this time you can actually catch up on all those shows that the rest of the world has already watched to get rid of your FOMO.

7. Chicken Manchow Soup

What better than spicy Indian Chinese to warm up the soul that they left cold.

8. Magic Masala Chips

Yes, you pick a Lay’s sharing packet but only to share it with your broken heart.

9. Tandoori Chicken

Order a whole and get to eat all the juicy, meaty pieces that you used to unwillingly save for your ex-SO.

10. Biryani

Yes, all that masala and flavourful, aromatic rice is now only and only yours.

11. Cold Coffee

Because now the regular coffee drinking loser is out of your life for good.

12. Fried Fish

That stinky ass who had a problem with your love for fried fish is no longer around to understand how beautiful the aroma of fried fish is.

13. Sangria

It is good that the sexist douchebag is not around to call your favourite drink “too girly” anymore.

14. Wine

Sometimes it is a blessing to be rid of a nagging partner and have a whole bottle of wine all to yourself.

15. Red Velvet Cupcakes

Smash these in your mouth and not on their face. These are too precious for that.

What are you bingeing on, post break-up? Comment below.

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