Are you doing it for the first time? First time is always a very special moment which you both will never forget. Many get nervous when they are deciding to do it for the first time. It is quite natural as there are quite a few things going on in your head. However, do not hurry up on parking your car in the garage! Sex is supposed to be pleasure and fun. It is also a special feeling for both you and your partner. It is very important that you both are willing to go for it and are ready physically, mentally and emotionally.

Your first experience can be weird, painful or romantic; it all depends on with whom, when and how you share it. You will have to make sure on a few very important and basic things to have a great first encounter and overcome your nervousness.

So, here are few important things you certainly need to focus on:

1. Make sure you are ready:

It completely depends on you with whom you will share this memorable moment for the first time. Do not let the guy/girl force you or talk you into it, you definitely do not have to do it to keep a BF /GF. If someone is around for just having sex with you, do yourself a favor, just walk out! If this is a mutual decision and you are all ready and feel a bit anxious to do it, only then it is recommended to go for it. The most important thing here is that you want to feel ready to lose your virginity with that person.

2. Educate yourself:

It is important that you have a fair idea about the whole thing. The Internet can be a great source for you to get all the information you need. While you search, few things may shock you and few you already know by now. All those bodily fluids can be completely new to you. You probably will not have any idea about how things will turn out, and misheard accounts are definitely not a good source of knowledge. However, it’s all natural and you are not the only one to experience the same, so there is nothing to be shy about. Doing a little research before you go for it for the first time, it can really help you to boost your confidence.

3. Explore:

The most difficult part here for the first timers is how to start? Touch each other, kiss each other and do not feel shy to explore! Apply your knowledge which you researched. By doing this you both can figure out what you and your partner likes. That’s called ‘foreplay’ which will prepare you for the real thing. It is not that you should start with the coitus after a few kisses, take your time and get comfortable to move to the next step.

4. Take it real slow:

You do not have to “Just do it” as Nike says, it is the moment you will cherish for lifetime so, take it slow. The most common mistake people do while having sex for the first time is they rush into the act.

It is normal to be a bit scared, do not worry about it just let the things flow naturally and do not rush. It is important to enjoy the moment and explain to your partner that you want to spend a little more time.

5. Focus on the feeling:

Do not try to pick up some tricks by watching some adult movies hoping to make it cool. Save the stunts for the next time. Sex is not something to score points at, especially when it’s your first time. Relax and focus on the act if you really want to enjoy your first encounter. You can guide your partner when to speed up and when to slow down; as it can be a painful if it is not done right. If you really want to have a good first experience, you will just have to focus on the wonderful moment of intimacy.

6. Be sure of the protection:

The most important thing for first timers is protection. It is necessary; to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Knowing that you are safe will make you feel much more relaxed. Do not be overconfident and take risks just to make your first time more exciting. Protection is the only way to do it the right way and enjoy the whole act.

It is not that by these tips you will turn into a superstar in the bed but definitely boost your confidence. The first time sex can be a different experience for different people. The only way is to know each other well and find out the liking of each other to make it a memorable first-time experience.

Hope you have a great and smooth go people!  😉

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