We heard what men did to Avni and her two cubs in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra. Avni the tigress was said to have killed 13 men and created fear and panic in the villages of Yavatmal for a long time. The hunter who goes by the name Nawab Asghar Ali shot the Tigress dead, leaving her two cubs orphaned.

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Avni the tigress

Many activists blame Asghar Ali to have killed the animal and labelled him as ‘blood-lusting hunter’, with Maneka Gandhi being a notable person among them. The hunter has defended himself in an interview with a news channel. Asghar said they had tried tranquilising the animal since months but everything went in vain. The number of humans killed grew and everybody in the village was worried for their lives. He further added that it was in a dire state that he had to kill Avni.

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While the Avni hunting controversy is on a roll, there occurred a similar incident in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve area where the villagers crushed yet another tigress to death using a tractor. In an unfortunate event, the villagers beat the forest officers, snatched their tractor and crushed the tigress. It was said that the tigress mauled a 50-year-old man and that triggered the villagers to end the animal’s life.

Mahavir Kaujlagi, deputy director of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, said, “The villagers killed the tigress in a retaliatory attack. While we were busy in rushing the injured man to the hospital, the villagers surrounded the big cat and crushed it to death under a tractor.”

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Field director of the tiger reserve, Ramesh Kumar Pandey told, “An FIR will be lodged under the Wildlife Protection Act and appropriate action is taken. The killing of a tiger inside the protected area is a serious offence.”

While the case would take its time to punish or acquit the accused, the question that lingers is who is the real animal here? You are killing our national animal for following its natural instinct?

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