Thor: Ragnarok is currently wowing Indian theatres with a stellar opening weekend earning $4.9 million as stated by Forbes. That makes it the second best Hollywood debut this year. While we are sure Marvel and Thor lovers would continue to show their love for the franchise, we bring to you two of the most killer spoilers from Thor: Ragnarok, which if you didn’t start to after the credits, you must’ve missed.

While you will witness some of the most sought after Marvel characters like The Incredible Hulk, Doctor Strange and The Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok, you simply can’t take your eyes off Chris Hemsworth a.k.a. ‘The Thunder God’ a.k.a. ‘not the God of Hammers’ a.k.a. ‘Thor’!

But this is certainly not a Thor: Ragnarok movie review, continuing the regular Marvel fashion, there are two end credit scenes which keeps the audience glued to their seats after the movie. We bring to you, 2 killer spoilers from the movie which you might’ve missed. So here’s what the scenes after-credits mean for the upcoming Marvel movies:

1)     Thanos is Here:

While for those who have watched the movie, the Asgardian spaceship decides to set out for Earth after Asgard burns to ashes. Thor is sure that they should head towards Earth even after knowing his bother Loki stands beside him. Do we need to tell you what happened when Loki last visited planet Earth? Remember “The Avengers”!

As soon as they start their journey towards Earth, a much bigger, beastie ship like structure appears while the screen goes blank. This giant ship appears like the ‘Independence Day’ MotherShip and, surprise… surprise “Thanos is Here”. Thanos was last seen in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultrons’ putting on the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’.

We certainly cannot figure out who is driving the spaceship, but it certainly appears to be the vicious villain -Thanos from the upcoming 2018 Marvel film – ‘ Avengers: Infinity Wars’. If we take a dig down at ‘The Avengers’ he could attack the Asgardian ship due to his agreement with Loki that Thor manager to put a stop to. But Thanos had promised Loki that there’s no place to hide from Thanos if he doesn’t keep up his end of the bargain. Watch on to refresh your memory:

In one of the scenes before Loki helped Thor bring Ragnorak to Asgard and end Hela, there was a blink and miss moment where Loki is in Odin’s vault and eyes the Tesseract that holds an Infinity stone. This could come up in the ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’ movie.

While this is something we all are glued towards, lets see what the second credit is from Thor: Ragnarok.

2)     The Grandmaster Revolution:

Second credit starts with a scene which pans on The Grandmaster, after the revolution on planet Sakaar. Although, the scene is extremely short and doesn’t give you an heads up on what’s up next but, The Grandmaster is sure to be seen in more Marvel movies.

If we go by the comics, The Grandmaster held one of the Infinity Stones before losing it to The Thanos. If it could mean, The Grandmaster can be seen as a challenger to The Thanos in “Infinity Wars”?

Also speculated could be a family reunion since his brother possessed the Red Stone as per ‘Guardians Of Galaxy’. All we can do is wait to watch…

However, the credit scenes in Ragnarok aren’t much exciting if compared to others, Marvel’s has made sure you stay glued to the seats till the very end. Nevertheless, if you didn’t care much about the credits and managed to leave the theatres early, you now know the mystery behind Thor: Ragnorak’s credit scenes!

If you think there’s more conspiracy to the end scenes than we’ve realised, di share your views in comments.