Ok, we agree that packaging is very important. The feeling when you are unwrapping a gift to see whats inside 😛 Not sure if all of you will be able to relate to this one but ya its a good feeling! The build up, the anticipation as to what’s coming next…

It is fun to push beyond the limits and break the norms at times. Such is this news. While women are busy shopping and checking out hot and sensuous lingerie online, there’s something exciting for even their male counterparts.

You read it right. HomeMystere, a brand is selling thongs, lingerie, bra’s for men on their website.

Check this out!

Women always feel Men do not have enough option when it comes to fashion or trying new couture 😛 But will this change give a massive hit to the women lingerie market? We can’t be sure yet. However, the images below prove that some men definitely wouldn’t mind trying and would be cool enough to flaunt it as well.

Our major concern is how “The Man” are going to carry this off in their daily wear and act super comfortable, it will be definitely fun to see them try this at least once. Or will they be limiting this to only private moments? Only time will tell.

Well now if this isn’t progress then we don’t know what is 😉 It is definitely a step forward.

So would you go and shop these? Let us know in the comments below.

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