S3x! Some say it’s overrated while some won’t agree to it.

It’s quite a common phenomenon – The Dry Spell. A Dry Spell isn’t harmful unless you are abstaining yourself from having some action. Or else it is pretty bad. Let me tell you how.

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So, going on for ages without sex can affect you psychologically as well as physically. Let’s get to physical things first.

Before we talk about what is likely to happen following ages of no-s3x, let me tell you what might not happen during your dry spell; You won’t die of s3x-deprivation, your genitals won’t explode or get cobwebbed. You won’t become a virgin again, certainly no!

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Coming back to our point here, lack of sex=lack of orgasm=lack of necessary hormone secretion. This might lead you to anxiety, stress, and lowered immune systems, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness. But there is a solution to this – Mast*rbation. Voila!

Next up – Mental problems. A dry spell might put you through mental problems like a feeling of loneliness, lack of confidence and motivation. Perks of skin to skin contact lies far beyond just s*xual pleasure. A feeling of being wanted or a touch of care can mean a lot to human mind and body. And yes, that is applicable to the casannova types too.

So why deny you one of the purest forms of pleasure citing career, personal or whatever reason it is. Or the other way, if it’s about you being unfortunate to find a partner then I feel for you and wish you all the best to find one. Maybe, now’s the time you set up a Tinder profile of yourself.

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