With Diwali just around the corner, the plans must be setting up in full swing. Most of us just meet up with friends and relatives (force fit ritual) or maybe get drunk and wasted through the night. We do this every year not realising we are losing out on precious time. Diwali comes once in a year and with 4 days mini vacation there’s lots to explore. Why not go out of the way and do something totally fun? As we say there is something for everybody out there!

1. Indulge in cooking exotic meals:

If you love cooking meals or just want to spend some quality time with your partner or friend or family, why not indulge in cooking something exotic? It can be as complicated as Biryani, to as simple as Chole Bhatura. The idea is to spend quality time and then there is good yummy food! Give it a try. You will get plenty of recipes on YouTube to choose from. Plus there will be many helping hands 😛

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2. Gamble all night long!:

Get your poker sets and cards out. This Diwali call out your jugaadu friends / relatives and have some teen patti. You might not want to indulge a lot (I suggest removing all the chillers and 10s & 20s – safer bet) unless you know your cards well. This will surely be a night long business, but then that’s what festivals are meant for!

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3. Movie night with your bestie:

Small group of friends,nowhere to go? Play on some movies. There is no better way to undergo multiple emotions and laugh out loud with your besties for hours and hours. Let the moon hit your window while you rejoice the moments with your favorite movies. Some popcorn and pakodas are definitely bonus points.

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4. Visit the promenade and watch fireworks:

If you are in a city where you have a promenade by the river or ocean, take the car keys and step out to watch the beautiful
fireworks. Most of the cities have professionals who organise a firework show. The display of multiple colors in the sky with various patterns and formations will definitely leave you spellbound.

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5. Organise a party: 😛

If you feel like just socializing, go on call over your friends and organise a themed party. All the Ambanis, Kapoors, Khans and Shetty’s are doing so then why not you. Call out your friends to come dressed like celebs and hit on some Bollywood numbers.

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6. Rangoli and diyas everywhere:

In need of some solitude and peace? Just light up the diyas in the house and hit the lights out. Spend sometime with your family by making rangolis outside and inside your house and decorate it with small diyas. The light and energy will leave you all purified and smiling. Plus you can click some awesome pictures for your insta timeline!

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7. Home makeover:

Diwali is not only meant for shopping for yourself or your loved ones. The house you live is also an important part of your life. So why not give it some makeover? Buy some beautiful colorful curtains or lampshades and change the look & feel of the room. You may also want to try some DIY with the fairy lights which can be used in any room and will add beauty to the house.

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8. Charity and Gifting:

In mood to spread some happiness and joy? Try doing some charity by visiting an orphanage or an old age home. If convenient, spend some time there for you will see the happiness you can bring into a stranger’s life by just your presence. Do not forget to carry some gifts or chocolates along.

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9. Travel!:

Want to make optimum use of the holiday? It’s a long weekend, go for a short drive or some resort just to chill and relax. Indulge yourself in some spa and sauna and be all ready to face the new year ahead. If you have the provision of longer holiday then travel to nearby destination or get the hiking gear out and hit the mountains.

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10. Not sure? Just sleep and chill:

You deserve a break! If none of these work for you then bro you might as well just drink and sleep 😛 Uska bhi ek alag hi mazza hai!

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Happy Diwali!

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