When it comes to guys flirting or trying to impress a girl, they can be pretty obvious or discreet about it. Depending on one’s experience, one can judge what the intention is. A girl might get mixed signals or get confused if the guy doesn’t play along. One wouldn’t know what’s going on in the mind, but actions speak louder than words.

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So there are certain obvious actions which any guy would try to impress his lady love or the one who he has crush on!

Spend lavishly on her

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If he wants to impress, he will leave no stone unturned in this department. Though it’s a wrong notion that girls get impressed by money. There might be some girls who prefer simplicity and not show off. A guy wouldn’t mind paying for her lunch or buying her a drink anytime just to make her feel better. Basically he wouldn’t think twice before spending money on her.

Surprising her with gifts

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Everyday is Valentines Day if you really care for someone. He will shower her with random gifts. Though they might not be always expensive ones, but it’s the thought that counts. And if it’s her birthday or a rose day, then a big surprise is already on the way.

Waits to have lunch or coffee

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If he really wants to impress a lady he will put his patience and tolerance to test. He will wait just to have lunch with her or have coffee during the class break. If she is busy he will still wait just to give her company.

Pick up and drop service

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He will be ready to pick you from home and ensure you have reached back home safely. Travelling along and spending more time just to be with you is definitely a clear sign of interest and that he is trying to impress you with this gesture.

Completing assignments

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He will show his skills of completing multiple tasks and on time just for her. Often college assignments take a toll on students. What better to show your interest than by completing the coursework just for her. She will definitely be thankful for this one 😛

Helping during exams

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Another awesome way to show you are smarty pants and know your sh*t! Helping her out during exams and staying awake just to help her understand the equation. Also considering the pressure during exams, its brilliant to stay cool and also help someone in need.

Being funny and teasing you

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He will try to make you laugh and tease you for petty things. Mind you he wants your attention. Also he wants to show you how funny he can be and has a good sense of humour. We never forget people who make us smile and laugh and crave their company always.

Gets protective

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He will be there to fight for you. Take a bullet for you if required. He will protect you. In fact he will be very protective about you just to show that he cares a lot and is there for you in times of need.

Memory genius 101

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He will memorise everything you say. Ask him something about some discussion you had last week and he will get back with every minute detail. Not just to show you that he has brilliant memory but to show that he is paying attention to every detail! Would you forget such a person? I don’t think so 🙂

Let us know in comments below which of these tricks or gestures have been tried on you or you are willing to try to impress your lady love!

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