Attention attention attention! We all want some and we love when people get impressed by our efforts. When you are new to a college, it becomes all the more difficult to make an impression in the mind of the guy you have crush on. With so many girls around, the competition is already very fierce.

But if a girl likes you and is seeking your attention, look out for the signs. She will definitely attempt these and try to reach you.

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Smile a lot while talking or when he is around

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When she is wants you to notice, she will always smile whenever she is around you. Whether she is talking to you or someone else. She will always showcase that she is a very happy-go-lucky person and chill to the core. As humans, we often get attracted to people who are bubbly and goofy and who will make us smile. This is a sure shot sign!

Show an interest in him

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She will take interest in everything you have to say. Ask her for anything and she will be there. If you are sad she will be first one to show sympathy and empathise with you. Genuinely showing that she cares and is interested in being all ears just for you!

Ask for help or be willing to help


She will always seek you for help or be ready to help you whenever you need her. She would want to show that she is not shy of seeking you and also that she is capable of helping you out in any situation whatsoever. Depending on the how quickly and sensibly she resolves your problem you can definitely judge how much she is trying to impress you.

Answer all questions in class

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Let the professor ask a question and you will see her hand shooting up right away. She has the answers and she has done her homework well. Which is exactly what she wants to show you. And once she has answered correctly check the blush with which she looks at you, you will know 😉

Passes witty remark

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The queen of wittiness! She has intelligent conversations and has the right come back for every comment. Don’t mess with her when it comes to words, she will win you over! She will do this purposely when she knows you are around or listening to her conversation!

Wears High Heels

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She will take the pain of wearing of those killer high heels just for you. And you will see her doing the sexy catwalk and looking all flawless around you. She will practice walking in those stilettos day in and out just so that she can impress you with her perfect walk and sexy legs!

Pretending to like what he likes

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First she will find out what you like and then she will do thorough research on the topic and be back in action. You like sports, music, cars, games, etc. She will pretend she knows it all and likes it as well. Maybe in the heart of hearts she dislikes it to the core, but hey, you must appreciate the efforts she has put in just for you.

Watch out for the signs, my friend. Keep your eyes and ears open and you will know it all!

Let us know in comments below if you have seen a girl trying to impress you with these techniques.

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