All of you must be aware of the Fifty Shades of Grey novel and movie. Venturing into the space of BDSM it is one of the most loved and appreciated novel. While BDSM is also a part of sex, people in India refrain from talking about it. Let’s get one thing very clear here we are not encouraging people to torture someone and fulfill their sadist expectations against another person’s will, it’s just about being open to exploration and spicing up your sex life a bit.

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It’s time people move on from Missionary and understand what are other ways in which you can satisfy and make your partner feel loved.

While trying these techniques can be too overwhelming for some people, its best to do it with mutual consent and take it slow. As Mrs. Grey says, one must learn to walk first before running 😛

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Let’s check which of the Fifty Shades technique can be used to spice up this Valentines day…

Hand Cuffs / Bondage Cuffs

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Most of you would have seen these in Bollywood movies where the police uses it to restrain the criminals. In this case we do not intend to use it to arrest some but just ensure that the person’s hands are tied and you are free to explore that person’s body without any resistance. Just ensure you don’t hurt the partner and push it to the maximum. The idea is to give little pleasure and little pain simultaneously.


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Bondage has various types. Tying your women in the eagle spread position to the bedpost can be very exciting and exhilarating. You can use rope to tie the hands and feet to each of the ends. What you wish to do next is totally up to you.

Blind Fold

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Nothing can be more fun and exciting than blindfolding the partner. The build up of anticipation and surprise of what’s gonna happen next can add too much oomph to the feelings. You can either use proper blindfolds or any other cloth handy. Simple and quick 😉

Riding Crop

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If you have seen the 50 shades you know what we are talking about. Much safer and easier to use than the cane or whip, this one can create multiple sensations in your partner’s body. But if you do not spank  properly or with too much force there can be injuries. Hence, its best to take it slow and steady.

Feather and Ice


If you are in for some teasing and tantalizing your partner this one is just for you. It will make pleasure chill run down their body. Not at all painful but absolutely light in touch, this one should be on the top of your list 😛


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One of the most erotic technique of all, this one can be a super turn on. There is a different kind of pleasure in ensuring that the opposite person can’t moan or shout out your name in pleasure. One would any ways argue that why gag someone? But if you wish to play a role of q dominant, this one works the best. Using a silk scarf can work out the best. Just ensure its not too tight or uncomfortable for your partner.

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Besides these there are whips, canes, collar, strap on’s, cable ties etc. to try as well. We would suggest you take one thing at time or you could combine 2 of these together. Whatever you do make sure both of you have mutual consent over it and don’t go overboard. Of course touch of the hands is the biggest factor in sex, the pleasure depends on how much you care for your partner’s satisfaction and your own.


Let us know which of these you intend to try this Valentine’s day 😉 We know it’s too much to ask for 😛

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