1. Next time anyone tells you how smart Sharma uncle ka beta is, tell them how dumb is this Sharma uncle himself.

Mr. RSSharma (No its not RSS Sharma its Ram Sevak Sharma) Respected chairman of TRAI, has made his Aadhaar public on Twitter and dared to harm him!

And no one was able to harm him. Aadhaar is the most secure identification system any government have ever developed in the world. It is so secure that even it blocked Mr. Sharma’s thinking for 5 secs.
People traced his secretary’ mobile number, his Aadhaar number, Pictures of his daughter or wife. His birthdate, personal address PAN number.


And yes people traced his Gmail, yahoo email IDs and his Air India frequent flyer number as well.

Now, you know the level of security and seriousness our government has shown towards storing private information of all it’s citizen.

If you are a true nationalist then you should link your Aadhaar to where ever our government is forcing us to link with. After all, nationalism and Aadhaar linking goes hand in hand.