There are a lot of places to see during Mumbai Darshan tours, starting from national park to Siddhivinayak temple to Haji Ali and Hanging gardens. The most recent one to get added to the list is Antilla – The residence of Mukesh Ambani and family.

Well if you haven’t been reading news or have been away from social media for a while, we are here to take you through the virtual tour of Antilla. Recently Isha Ambani posted some pictures of the inside views of her home. Don’t forget to breathe while viewing these, because they’re sure to leave you mind blown !

Presenting Antilla, the world’s most expensive private residential property..

Has 27 Floors with extra high ceilings situated at Altamount road in South Mumbai.

Here’s the entrance (don’t even dream of being invited here 😛 )

Let’s take a look inside..

This is one of the many rooms dedicated to TV viewing and generally chilling (Not sure if they have enough time to watch TV though #JustSaying)

Need a place to take a stroll? Just go outside the room! (Imagine sipping coffee or listening to music here!)

The Pooja Room.. (who needs to go to any temple if you have such a magnificent one in your home. Indeed a masterpiece!)

One of the sitting areas, to discuss business, with an awesome view in the background. (I must say they do have a taste in interiors, not that my opinion would matter 😛 )

Presenting the lady of the house, Nita Ambani!

One of the waiting areas. (This seems more like a place for commoners like us 😀 )

I do see a pattern here. This seems to be similar to the other room we have already seen, just different interiors.

And some more..

The same room from a different angle, just to satisfy your eyes.

The living room. Keep scrolling…

This seems like the main area of discussion.

Still gasping looking at the chandelier, like seriously!

Ok, so here’s the last one..

The view which we would be seeing often because come on, we aren’t going to be invited inside for lunch ever! I quite like the idea though (Imagines what all dishes will be served…)

P.S: Craving for more? Watch this video

and share in Comments, a screenshot of your favorite space in Antilla!

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