When I see an unclothed woman, I do not see nudity; I see the beauty of nature. A woman’s body is a work of art it is nature at its best. Nudity may have been the principal subject of art since prehistoric times, but spoiled by the ugly controversies, nude art even today faces the rage of the so-called protectors of righteousness.

People mostly relate the exposure of the body with physical desire which in India equivalent is to a crime. While the ancient art and the nude carvings on the temples that have celebrated the female body are gone, these bodies are ripped apart, sexualized and objectified, and not celebrated as they should be.

When talking about exploring and celebrating the woman’s body, there are a few photographers who have made their mark. Prabuddha Gupta is one of the most famous names who redefined nude photography with his book ‘Women.’ Photojournalist Raghu Rai caught a lot of eyeballs with his black-and-white photos of nude women in 2007.

While female body still hasn’t found an accepting route in India, there are a few young Indian photographers who haven’t restricted themselves to explore its beauty of the female body. Let us with them celebrate and explore the beauty of the female body with some of the best nude photographs on Instagram.

Gaurav Hingne:

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Dec- 2016

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Dec- 2016

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Gaurav Hingne is a Mumbai-based wedding photographer who received lots of criticism for his work with nudes. Hingne’s work is the strong portraits he creates, capturing the eyes in a way that they often seem to be speaking to you.

Neeraj Agnihotri:

Neeraj Agnihotri is an internationally published fashion, fine art, beauty, and nude photographer with years of experience. Worked with several international photographers, Neeraj is a part of Bizadmark an advertisement and marketing agency in the USA. He has also worked as a cinematographer for widely acclaimed documentary film Nashebazz-The Dying People of Delhi.

Arjun Mark:

I am sure you had seen the bold Esha Gupta pictures on Instagram which made headlines. Well, Arjun Mark is the man who did it. Arjun’s nudes are aesthetic, sexy, and powerful. He had worked with several big names in Bollywood and also calls himself a serious fisherman.

Taras Taraporvala:

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📷 @nevenakrstic1 #taras84

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📷⚡️ @car.gulin #portrait #taras84

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Born and brought up in Bangalore, didn’t touch a camera till I was 20. Taras Taraporvala studied photography in Melbourne and started his photography career with Grazia magazine. Acclaimed fashion photographer, his Instagram is filled with the beautiful collection of his work.

Rohan Shrestha:

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@deepikamehtayoga @s.w.studios

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Drawing on a legacy from his father Rakesh Shrestha, Rohan’s passion for photography was fueled from his childhood. Rohan is an Indian born Nepalese origin photographer who lives and works between Mumbai and New York. He has worked with numerous celebrities, photographed covers and editorials for leading publications and has developed campaigns of several leading brands.

Vikram Bawa:

Vikram is a well-known celebrity photographer worked with several big names. He was the first Indian photographer to promote and showcase 3D photography in the late 1990s. His Instagram page is a visual treat with the beautiful interpretation of the female body.

Rafique Sayed:

Rafique is a very famous name when it comes to B&W photography in India. He has worked with several agencies across India. Rafique’s Instagram account reflects his beautiful work.

Ishani Das:

Ishani Das is a Delhi-based freelance photographer and videographer. She received a lot of backlash for her nude work, but that did not stop Ishani. She explains the art of experimental photography and her Instagram tells the story.

Roshini Kumar:

Roshini Kumar is a Mumbai-Bangalore based photographer, creative director, art activist, and influencer. She is best-known for her fashion styling and digital art and worked on photo series on female sexuality and their sexual freedom.

Saumya Snehil:

Saumya Snehil is a Photojournalist, filmmaker, traveler, and body activist. Her project ‘Unfiltered Humans’ on Instagram is a beautiful piece of work which explores female body.

Namrata Jain:

Namrata Jain has studied fashion form the Peral academy of fashions in Delhi. She believes that nude photography has become a powerful expression of sexual freedom. Namrata is known for her black and white monochromes.

Bhumika Bhatia:

Bhumika Bhatia is a portrait photographer who tries to photograph her dreams and loves darkness and everything magical. Her photography is ethereal and touches your soul. She owns a website Create Magic.

Soumya Iyer:

Soumya Iyer


Photographer Soumya Iyer believes ‘There is no shame in nudity,’ who in her project Gender of Beauty explores the female body. She is a fashion photographer and has worked on projects such as Sketching the human anatomy.

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