The Indian LGBTQ community has all the spotlight after the Supreme Court of India legalized section 377. Well, that was one proud and historic moment for the country. While there still are many people in India who do not accept the queer people. The community has found a way to raise their voice and reach out to people to spread awareness.

Social media has emerged as one of the best tools for people to share their lives, and especially for the Indian LGBTQ community. Instagram is one such safe space where you can find amazing queer artwork and accounts of people who are a real inspiration.

TLC has been watching the Insta-space and found India’s young and fearless accounts run by members of the LGBTQ community who raise their voice, showcase their talents and let the world know that silence is not an option they’re willing to consider.

From the many wonderful Indian queer Instagram accounts, we bring you a few accounts which are inspiring, moving, and deserving of support.

1. queerkala

Catch some beautiful artwork by some of the most genius queer artists who gather to showcase their talent. This vibrant Insta account is full of queer positivity.

2. avaniartproject

This account encourages India’s highly stigmatized trans and queer community through visual arts and socially inclusive experiments, this handle gives much-needed visibility to India’s minority trans-community.

3. vqueer

Bold Vqueeram Aditya Sahai is a sartorial sensation. His style is on point and his Insta account gives you great insights into his life, ideology, and beliefs.

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in less than a decade, to see her grow older, actually old. walking stick, growing wearisome towards the end of the two hours of lecture and questions, slightly dark humour about her own death or how she should be granted concessions for her age where she would have fought for her recognition as an intellectual a few years ago. this with the many awkward thing old people say – the embarrassments and transgressions we allow them. the lecture pulled the carpet from right under the subaltern studies project, but it is this old woman that in her self which was most heartbreaking and riveting about the talk yesterday. * * the first time i met Spivak in the conference room of CSDS, i wore punjabi bling and walked into the room three hours before the lecture and she was already there, just hanging out. startled i sought to just find any chair to sit on, completely nonchalant she, she winked at me. * * this time around i had the audacity to ask her a question from the audience, as soon as i was handed the mic, i realised that i was addressing her, my well-worked out question fumbled into some incoherent words to morph into some other question. she indulged. after the talk, she signed my photocopy of her canonical essay i have had for a decade. she asked if i was trans and then congratulated herself for her own theorisation of queerness. * * “love – where violence can be desired” * * i have said this enough times that GCS says many unacceptable things but the hatred she gets is quite extraordinary. in spite of her global stature, i know no other celebrity academic who gets such vitriol, nasty gossip circulating as critique, or just plain dismissal, from all quarters – men in academia, feminists – academic and street alike, social movements, and so on. it is weird to say this about one of the most famous feminists alive, i still feel the need to emphasise Spivak as a feminist icon. to women who women love to hate! (and now that i have dropped out of my ph.d., i have even more respect for how she not only survived but aced the university.) * * happy birthday, my queen, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak! ❤️

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4. yaariyan_lgbtq

A group of bright and young people, Yaariyan is a bubble of positivity, spreading love and countering hate, the violence of all forms. They also actively work for health, online support, and organize events.

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Anniversary Month planning begins!

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5. gaylaxymag

The Instagram handle of Galaxy Magazine celebrates the triumphs and aspirations of India’s queer community and chronicles its many achievements and victories while highlighting the challenges that members of the queer community face every day.

6. kawaiibloggerchan

Featuring bold, daring and gorgeous pictures of the cross-dressing ‘runaway muse’ as he calls himself, Taksh Sharma’s Instagram blog sure is a treat for the eyes, busting all kinds of stereotypes about gender and sexuality.

7. mayathedragqueen

The drag queen, Maya, a Malayalee based out of Bangalore when not busy with her drag performances post photos of her life, drag performances, and details about her upcoming shows. Bold and strong, Maya will teach you something about the drag performance scene in India.

8. amra.odbhuth

Instagram account of a unique Kolkata-based queer-friendly cafe and art space. The cafe features some very cool artwork. Amra Odbhuth Queer Cafe resonates with openness, empathy, and queer positivity.

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Such a great event!!!

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9. artwhoring

Priyanka Paul, an artist-poet from Mumbai has super active Insta account which features her creative illustrations and poetry.
Priyanka is a proud feminist, supports mental health and body positivity, and is a dedicated supporter and advocate for all things Queer.

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At the age of 6, all the boys played cricket. I wanted to play, too. They'd give me their bat when it was my chance but they soon found it annoying. So once, at a nearby construction taking place, I found an iron rod and that was my new bat. I can't imagine how I used something as thin as a rod for a bat, but I did. Until one day, the rusted rod cut my hands and my dad saw. He then bought me a bat. My question: Why not buy me a bat when you already knew my friends played cricket. Why buy me a doll with a flat stomach, blue eyes and blonde hair? At 10, I joined football classes. My dad was a district level player. He'd go down to play with the neighbour's kids. Never me. When I asked him why? He'd wave it off as me not being good enough or him being tired. He used to play defence. I played defence, too. We just never played together or watched matches. Sometimes I think, does he want a son? Or would I be treated differently if I was a boy? At 12, I was at my dad's office and a client of his saw me and my sister and asked whether dad had a son? Dad said no. The client then sympathised and said try harder, you'll surely get a son. Dad said "My daughters are better than any sons." We live in a world where you have to compensate for the existence of two daughters with a son or justify the existence of two girls. At 15, I cut my hair into a mohawk and faced ridicule at my house and school. My parents refused to look at me and kids at school jeered at me. If you try to change the dynamics of everyday life or try to change society or gender roles even through something as menial as a hair style, you're gonna be punished. Long hair. Girls were supposed to have long hair. I don't like adhering to norms. At 16, I go swimming, where little girls, wear a swim suit and then a shirt under a swim suit and then lycra tights too. While boys jump in with bare minimum clothing. Some boys having boobs bigger than mine. Because obviously my body can't be exposed because it will either turn you on or offend you and as such, society deemed this to be a woman's problem. I hope we are seeing what's wrong here. I hope you're doing your little part in not enforcing gender roles.

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10. roro_love_makeup

Rohit Singh is a professional makeup artist and his Instagram account is a haven for emerging makeup artists and makeup lovers. Rohit is on the way to busting all kinds of gender stereotypes by giving gender neutral makeup a prominent space in his collection.

While the fear kept many LGBTQ individuals from coming out to terms with their sexuality and gender identity, these Instagram accounts show us that silence is not the way they want to live their life. Let them be the source of inspiration on your Instagram feed to be true to yourself, love yourself, and help those around you to do the same.


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