Vicky Kaushal starrer, upcoming Bollywood movie— URI, is surely one of the most anticipated movies in the coming year. URI is inspired from real life events where the Indian Army avenged the attacks on URI military base.

Vicky Kaushal plays the role of the army commander who leads his men to Pakistan and storms them by surprise. The trailer has already raised the fans’ expectations sky high. To add more thrill to it, RSVP Movies have released two short clips via YouTube, named— URI | Strike 1 and Strike 2. These short clips show us a glimpse of action sequences from the movie.

URI | Strike 1 – Night Vision

The 53-second video features 12-men led by their commander (Vicky Kaushal), crawling in an attempt to approach the enemies at JeM Base, POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). The move is absolutely stealthy and the clip goes ‘night-mode’ as the soldiers put on their night vision goggles. The camera angle is Hawkeye where 13 prone Indian soldiers are advancing towards a Pak military base.

The BGM and the voice over which says, ‘Ye Naya Hindustan Hain, Ye Hindustan Ghar Mein Ghusega Bhi Aur Maarega Bhi’, adds more intensity to the clip.

URI | Strike 2 – Stealth Mode

The second clip, which is of 46-seconds, is a perfect treat for action lovers. The video starts with three militants walking by the river bank, halting and taking guard. Suddenly three bullets hit them right in their heads, and all three collapses to the ground. Cut to next scene. Vicky Kaushal emerges from the water with his rifle at the ready.

Heavy drum beats in the background along with the voiceover, “Waqt Aagaya Hain, Khoon Ka Badla Khoon Se Lene Ka”.

URI will be hitting the theatres on 11th January 2019.



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