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Somewhere around the year 2000, you might have seen a lot of pharma companies trying to sell antidepressants to everyone with an anxiety problem. Social Anxiety disorder? No one had even heard of that before. Was it even a problem in real or the big pharma companies were just trying to increase their new SSRI drugs sale? Many people thought this is preposterous. “So now being shy is some shot of depression disorder?”

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Many people just refused to accept something like this existed. Most people said they have never met anyone with these symptoms. Meanwhile, through government data, it was discovered that social anxiety disorder was actually the third largest mental disorder followed by depression and alcoholism.

Presently, social anxiety disorder is a serious mental illness that can hamper the normal flow of the life making the everyday things a challenge for you. It is more than just a feeling of shyness. People with social anxiety often suffer in silence just because most of them do not realize that it is a problem.

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A few facts about social anxiety disorder which will make you take this mental problem seriously?

People with social anxiety disorder live with it for years before they find help or even realize that they have this disorder. In few cases, socially anxious people know themselves that they need help, but they do not know that the help is available.

Social anxiety disorder is generally diagnosed by general physicians and psychiatrists. The disorder can develop at any age, but in most cases, the symptoms of the illness begin around the age of 13.

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Many studies have found that around 6.65 percent of the total population has social anxiety problem once in their lives. It is becoming a more common and serious problem among the young adults.

People with social anxiety disorder have a lower quality of life compared to the normal people. This is because the disorder adversely affects their family life, social life, and relationships.

Approximately 66 percent of the population with the social anxiety disorder will have some other form of mental health problem. Depression is one of the most common problems to accompany social anxiety disorder.

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Common symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder:
Avoidance of social situations/isolation
Increased heart rate
Intense anxiety in social situations
Stomach upset and diarrhea

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A lot of research work in the field related to social anxiety disorder is carried out which is helping people to overcome this disorder. Social anxiety disorder is no more a problem which cannot be treated. Social anxiety is best treated with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is a type of psychotherapy in which negative patterns of thoughts are challenged to treat depression.

Luckily, there are also many social anxiety groups which are offering great help to the individuals who are suffering from this serious disorder. So, if you think that you or any of your loved ones are paranoid about simply socializing, consult a counselor. The disorder need not necessarily involve taking pills or medicines. Therapy often involves deep conversation to find past unresolved issues and working on them to ease social anxieties.

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