Sophie Turner is fire and life incarnate and she’s here in the first Dark Phoenix trailer to usher in both the beginning and end of all things.

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The Dark Phoenix Saga is one of the most important stories in X-Men history that fundamentally changed the core team’s dynamic and made readers see all of the characters, especially Jean, in new shocking lights. After multiple adaptations and retellings of the original story over a variety of formats, Fox’s latest attempt to get the Phoenix “right” is finally upon is.

Dark Phoenix adapts seminal comic arc The Dark Phoenix Saga, telling the tale of telekinetic Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) gaining near-ultimate power and becoming a cosmic supervillain.

The movie take (actually the second after the misfire of X-Men: The Last Stand) will place the action in the 1990s, taking the First Class and Apocalypse generations of the X-Men and pitting them against one of their own – and potentially an alien threat.

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