Emiway Bantai-Raftaar-Raftaar-Emiway-Raftaar.

Our ears are now numb from the diss tracks that these artists have been dropping back to back. Now that Raftaar pulled out of it following the realisation that he is overdoing it, Emiway couldn’t mirror the gesture. He just went on and on.

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However, there was one man who kept himself away from all the hustle and bustle— DIVINE. Vivian aka DIVINE didn’t involve himself in the beef right away. For obvious reasons, the man is a busy man. He is the busiest rapper right now in the hip-hop industry and it is understandable if he can’t respond to every call out. May it be sooner or later or not at all.

But that doesn’t help the desi hip-hop fans from expecting a reply from the man himself. Nevertheless, the wait is over! DIVINE, in Red Bull Music festival, has revealed that he would be replying Emiway. During his performance, while sharing the stage with Raftaar, DIVINE said, ‘Lafde ki baat nahi hain yaha pe. Tumlog shaq se khelega hum shabd se khelega.’

He freestyled a couple of lines. Maybe, that was a teaser from his diss track. DIVINE said, ‘Inke naam mein EMI (EMI-WAY) hain toh kaha se ye rokda bhai? Ye chhoti soch waale Priyanka Chopda bhai. Ab meri baari baaki hain mera bhai’.

He concluded by saying, ‘Jald hi aayega’. Gaane ka naam hain ‘REMAND’.

I’m sure, Emiway would have enough time to respond that too. Anyway, toh ab, DIVINE Bolega!


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