The Twitter account for The Walking Dead threw some shade at Game of Thrones after Sunday night’s controversial penultimate episode. After over a year off the air, fans couldn’t wait for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones to at last get underway, and begin answering all their lingering questions. But things have taken a slightly sour turn as, once again, Game of Thrones finds itself at the center of several major controversies.

In fact, fan discontent over Game of Thrones began setting in well before season 8, and actually came to a head as the final few episodes of season 7 seemed to rush ahead without regard for character development, pacing or storytelling sense. Season 8 has only added to fan frustrations, as many characters have seen their stories wrap up in disappointing fashion, while old concerns about the way the show treats women have also reared their head. And of course there was the coffee cup gaffe that became the talk of the internet after episode 4, leading to accusations that the show has simply gotten sloppy as it careens toward the finish line.

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Now, other shows are even lining up to take their shots at Game of Thrones, as it seems to be coming apart in its final episodes. After Sunday night’s “The Bells,” which saw Daenerys go mad and destroy King’s Landing with her last remaining dragon, the Twitter account for The Walking Dead took aim at one of the night’s bigger head-scratching plot holes. See their tweet below: 

The tweet of course refers to the fact that, instead of going straight for her presumed main target Cersei, Daenerys elected to spend much of the episode burning random citizens of King’s Landing to death with dragon fire. Many fans questioned why Daenerys didn’t simply fly her dragon to the very prominent tower where Cersei was just standing there, end the queen’s life without massacring half the townspeople, and take her rightful place on The Iron Throne (assuming Jon Snow was willing to put aside his own claim and let her have it). At least according to The Walking Dead Twitter account, Rick Grimes would have been much savvier and much more humane, simply taking out Cersei and avoiding leveling half of King’s Landing.

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