It’s the day a legend was born! Yes it’s King Khan’s birthday today and we are thrilled. Though 53 now, SRK still rules our hearts. To make this day more joyous for us, he has just launched the trailer of his upcoming movie Zero, starring Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.
In the past we week, we did see the final poster release from the star cast on social media.
And we got more showing the adorable Bauua!
The posters do look interesting and as we know SRK plays the role of Bauua who is a cute looking dwarf, it’s the trailer that the fans were anticipating to know more about the movie.
The trailer starts with SRK looking for a girl for marriage and reaching Delhi from Meerut. He meets wheelchair -bound Anushka and pretends to fall in love with her. He is later seen befriending Bollywood star i.e. Katrina Kaif. The story seems lovey dovey till there is trouble in paradise where he is shown being thrown out by Katrina. Will it work out well for these 3?  We will have to wait and watch. Check out the trailer below.
After watching the trailer we are definitely looking forward to watch the movie. It’s all set to release on December 21.
The fans couldn’t have asked for a better return gift from King Khan on this day!
We wish SRK a very happy birthday! Long live the King!!!

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