Do you know the difference between a zoo and a college campus? Well, there is no difference. College life is a whole different experience than your school. You are stepping into a completely new life and you are going to meet a lot of new people for the first time. You have so many things on your mind, from what you want to wear and making new cool friends. When you first arrive, you will meet countless types of people you’ve never seen before, each more ridiculous than the last. It is impossible to distinguish between the tigers and leeches of the college life.

Though there are thousands of students on your college campus, there are a few people that you will meet within your first week. These special species are present on every single college campus.

The Athlete

These guys and girls are the top celebrities of any college campus. No matter the time of day or year, they will be wearing their sports uniforms warming up. Apart from their busy schedules, they have their own house parties too. If you’re able to score a coveted invite to a basketball party or a blowout at the hockey house, you know you’ve moved up into the upper echelon of college society.

The master of Universe

College is just another stop for them on their way to the real world. You cannot bother them for petty concerns such as class, campus events or parties as they have future to create. They have all the power in the world in their hands. You always hear them bragging about the internships they have applied for and their school grades. You will never find them in class, but they will find all the notes and study their ass out to score an A.

The Party Animal

You may think you are fun, going out with friend’s and hangout take a few drinks, maybe even go for a night out but you are still not the party animal you will meet at your college. These people will go out every day and will take Sunday and Monday to recover before starting on Tuesday and again are ready to go to a party.

The Environmentalist

You will meet the nature lovers who are also known as tree-huggers always lecturing you about Global warming. They will make sure that you never forget what they told you about the mother earth and about saving the planet. You will find them in the Environmental club, kissing a tree or who knows they might even make out with a tree.

The Overachiever

You thought you are finally done with the overachievers you had at your school. But wait there are still going to be some students who will do anything and everything to become the professor’s best buddy. No one likes them as they always waste time asking the redundant questions to show their so-called potential in class. They are the annoying ones.

The Pre-Professional

These type of people in your college are already doctors, lawyers, and scientists. They are the studious ones who are preparing to get into grad school and that’s all on their mind. Most students like to relax after the exams, but these ones are constantly preparing for their next exam.

The Dancer

All colleges offer a dance team or various dance teams, once you meet a dancer, you’ll end up feeling obligated to attend all his or her performances. The dancer is often being peppy and has no problem dancing around wherever they go.

The Foodie

Food is just life for these people. You will hardly find these people carrying their own food to eat. They will always be interested in what’s in your food box. There will always be that one person in your large lecture class constantly snacking on something during class. At least that’s how it was in my class.

The always broke

You will always find that one guy or girl who will never have the money to contribute. He or she will always find someone to spend the money for them and will never bother to repay. They will never ever carry a single penny.

The popular ones

There is always one guy and one girl who are just so popular in the college. It is very easy for you to figure out this as almost everyone is talking about them in the college. Every girl wants to date him, and every guy will just do anything to impress her. They’ll never remember your name because they just don’t care.

I can always relate these things very well as I had all these types of people in my college and I am sure many of you will find these common types of people in your college.

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