Yes, this is about the guy you are always gonna love. No matter what! Netflix has released its new original titled “To all the boys I’ve loved before”. Girls if you haven’t watched this one yet you are really missing out! For example this one…

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As girls we always dreamt about our Prince Charming. The guy on the white horse – switch that with a white Audi or Merc to keep it real, a nice tall cute looking guy who would look at you like you are the world! Well here it is. Virtually speaking! Thanks to being digital we get to live out our dreams at least for some time. So coming back to the movie.

It is originally based on the novel written by Jenny Han with the same title. And it’s a dream watching it come alive on Netflix. The lead character Lara Jean Covey is a shy introvert girl who has had crushes on 5 guys and has written letters (never posted) describing her feelings for them. One fine day her sister sends them all out. (Talk about younger siblings being a pain in the A**). Well looks like she did Lara a favour! Because one of the guys, Peter Kavinsky wants to have a fake relationship with her to win his girl friend back who happens to be Lara’s Ex best friend, considering she would get some escape from her best friend who happens to be her sisters Ex boyfriend to whom she has written a letter to as well, she agrees. I agree this is a bit complicated but we don’t want to give you out all the scenarios and spoil your fun. So what later leads to turmoil of emotions and love blossoming in the air and confusions followed by certain revelations!

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If nothing, Peter Kavinsky is the guy we would vouch for hands down! He is cute, smart, loving and everything you have ever dreamt of!

Just look at him! <3

Next year

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For me

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Talk about a guy writing cute letters to the girl! Taking her out for coffee and not being ashamed or embarrassed to call her his own! Well not to forget standing up for her amongst all the jerks! Plus it’s not easy dealing with your partners siblings but this guy nails it all. He also travels across town to get her girl her favourite yogurt! 

Like seriously who does that these days???

And its not just us, there are other people as well who can’t stop drooling over him! Here’s what everyone has to say!

In the end you keep wishing it all turns out into the happily ever after for these two. Whether it does or not you need to watch this one and keep dreaming to find your Prince Charming one day.

As for Peter Kavinsky aka Noah, we love you…truly (what’s with Netflix and this name???- that’s for later)

But yes, all the women out there do watch this and get your new crush today!

For men around, please take some lessons from this one 😉

Guess you shouldn’t be needing more motivation than this to go and watch this movie right away!

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